Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ancient Promises ...

I'm awake at 1 am, as you can very well see, while i have a big preso lined up for tomorrow (which btw is sorely incomplete right now).

And yet, I cannot sleep. Madwoman Palli had to go and lend me book like this. Touching, poignant, heart wrenching, making you participate in her not so fictitious misery at times and making you unwish it from upon even your worst enemies at others, this book is a must read for any woman. (Take it from one who stayed up finishing it the night before an impending deadline!)

This, 'Ancient Promises' by Jaishree Mishra and 'A breath of fresh air' and 'Crazy with curry' by Amulya Malladi, 'Monsoon Diary' by Shobha Narayan and some others I'll put up here once I recollect names vs. just the feeling while having read through.

Do read. Tomato soup for the soul (Yeah, im vegetarian) :)


Penguin said...

I'm sooo the kicked at dedication to book! But I know exactly how this feels - every single time I read it, I'm gripped by it, and each time at the same exact place, my heart will do one jig and I'll want to cry out of happiness! :-) Ayyo, so cool! I looooove.

Nimma said...
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bhags said...

This list of books matched mine....oh, I remember how I shut myself in a room while I read these books...heart warming as well as heart wrenching.....nice to see someone else also enjoys these books.....see u around

unpredictable said...

Lal: :) for me it was more like occassional swearing at tht Amma woman and her idiotic daugthers and a not so infrequent urge to whack Suresh just so he'd come alive ... wat a dodo! Wat characters .. wat anguish .. wat a!

Bhags: Hey nice to see someone new drop by. :) I don't shut myself in my room coz i almost live alone now, but i read everywhere .. on the bus, chai breaks at work ... everywhere! Ur recipes are awesome .. esp tht green apple thing .. im gonna try :)

Anonymous said...

You know, I have read several fine books, but my all-time favorites - Little Women and Daddy Long Legs. Erring on side of cliche, but such comfort reading, pah. My sister and I both lou them ya.
Also, I was reading this book called A Mango-shaped Space. Its about a girl with synesthesia. I know its almost reading-for-kids but this kind of book puts me in such a good mood. :) Try it.