Friday, September 07, 2007

Just realized ...

For the last 1 month or so .. its been non stop blogging .. every single day ... why I do this? I already explained earlier. This connection with words is addictive and very very fulfilling.

But what I just realized is, most blogs I find updated regularly (read 4 to 5 times a week) are by bloggers who are home and blog aside from mostly non-laptop work. I work 9 hours a day at this very laptop and then come home to the same damn thing!!!! No wonder my back and wrist and shoulders and fingers feel like they're on fire (No sweethearts, that's NOT MEANT in a good way!!).

I'm officially obsessed!!! HELP!!! :DDD


Broom said...

you don't REALLY want help! what would you do without this obsession?

Anonymous said...

No man.. continue writing, I say! I like random footage for my non-existent cooking skills. Perhaps you can praise the chocolate too! (You're obsessed and I'm shameless! :-D )

amileforeveryshoe said...

Broom: she'll probably do more of her day-job work perhaps? which isn't a healthy thing believe me! HAHA

Unpredictable: You missed posting this weekend. Is your obsessive streak over? :(

unpredictable said...

Broom: :) You're right .. what WOULD I do!!! :D

L: Yeah i know ... shameless woman ... now that we've both put our quirks down for the world to see, bleddy ... we'll die single i tell you!

Ad: Not over as u can very well see!