Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why I haven't blogged in a while

Its been 3 days since i last wrote.

Mogambo's cribbing that I'm depriving her of her lunchtime accompaniment (come to think of it, this is a brilliant way to get something u want na, praise someone to the hilt so they'll do EXACTLY what you want them to, and sucker for praise that I am, i even fall for it.. CHE!). And although I spent most of last night chatting with HER, she ended with saying she'd rather have had me blog. Yeah, i feel special!

Reasons I didn't blog (yes, I know no one else asked, but don't stop a woman on the brink of something will ya!):

1. The wrist has been giving me unnatural trouble. Read - pain:
Yes, blame it on the incessant blogging and chatting and such other online activities. I bought a wrist band when this problem peaked last year, and the doc suggested i use support when i type. Now I'm back to wearing it. Its not yet close to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So DO NOT post panicky comments!!!

As an aside, this friend sent me an email with detailed pics of an operated wrist (for the record, i cannot stand even the sight of needles so you can imagine what the sight of raw exposed flesh on someone's wrist did to me!). The mail was more cause he wanted me to read up some exercises for the hand to prevent it from getting worse, but I'll do that once i get past the nightmares I think :P

So anyway, the wrist has been a little bad, and so I figured might as well give it some rest.

2. Optimal Initiative Pacing:
Well that's what we call it. What a layman would say is, how much blogging is SO much that people can't even catch up on ur posts when they're written. I figured I'd gone on an overdose of sorts and needed to give my kind friends a chance to catch up on old posts without wearing themselves out. Hence the break in writing :) (I hope you guys leveraged the chance well... if not, no need to tell me about it!)

3. A wonderful packed weekend:
With a recap of the awesome bhindi with leftover rasam at Palli's place on Fri nite, then a failed attempt at downing some Absolut Citron (Tip: Rasam and Vodka DO NOT go well together, in case you didn't already know!).
Then a storytelling session to the kids at the library. Something was up with the kids this time though. I mean, Palli came over to check out this reading thing, so in some ways i needed to put up a great performance, but for some reason, the kids weren't as responsive as they normally are. Maybe it was the stories (I KNEW i should've picked some with more interesting ends). It was more likely the overenthusiatic 2.5 year old punjabi girl in the 1st row who added her own vishesh tippani to everything i said ..went somewhat like this ...

Unpred: So, which other birds do you guys know about?
E2.5G (Enthu 2.5 yr old Girl): I know crow .. crow does caww cawww ...
Unpred: Very good .. any others know any birds?
E2.5G: Once we went to the birdpark and saw many many birds ..
Unpred: Emmm .. that's good for you .. how about we hear from the other kids? What about you guys?
E2.5G: But once outside my window ...
Unpred: *Torn between being nice to enthu kid and asking her to let someone else talk, hoping the child's mom will come to the rescue*

Clearly E2.5G's mom is nowhere around. Probably browsing around the fiction section having outsourced E2.5G's enthusiastic outburst to a hapless ME. By this time most other kids are just so distracted by the monologue of E2.5G that their usually vocal responses have toned down to whispers that obviously don't reach me. SIGH!

Don't get me wrong! I love kids. But to put a 2 year old into a group thats clearly defined as being for 4 to 6 year olds and then abandoning her there is real unfair to the poor storyteller (ME! ME! ME!) and the other kids who feel completely overwhelmed and stop contributing.

Anyway, storytelling aside, the weekend was packed with cooking adventures (Tam style Adai, Pasta, Dhoklas, Rabdi), some awesome movies (Flavors, No Reservations), sitcoms (8 episodes, Season 1, How i met your mother) back to back, and good conversation cum company. Amidst all this real world socializing, i just had to give the online socializing a smallish break :)

Will get back starting tomorrow. Hopefully, an evening spent in a Sari (which reminds me, i still dont have safety pins, HELP!) won't be too exhausting on the system. And although the training has been fairly mind numbing so far, atleast it gives my poor wrist a break from typing! Phew!

Nite ya all! :D


Shahana said...

was wondering what was up w you and realised that it was too late to call! so looked this up and now i know :-) always a blast reading!

Anonymous said...

Eh what ya. Fancy world map is go and one biggu bloo box is came. Why it is, tell?
Had a takkar time eating the fajita and reading the blog-that-must-be-read-at-lunch. mmmmmm!

Overall-ly ...
Mogambo... khush hua! *evil muhuahahaha*

Penguin said...

Ayyo woman! Why you didn't ask for safety pin I say?? It's still sitting safely in my bag. Loose you are!

unpredictable said...

Sha: Heyyyy! :D Long time no see womannn ... but ull be here soon .. so ull just catch me in person instead of the blog, yes? :D

M'bo: Blue box was SUPP to work akin the one on palli's page, clearly its NOT! Will check this evening when i find time .. running to paatu class now!

L: I FORJOTTT to ask and u FORJOTT to give! Bah ... im sure it'll fall down now! :(

Penguin said...

ayyo woman! It's not neoBoard that you should be using, but neoCounter. No wonder it doesn't work.