Monday, October 01, 2007


The Rocking Girl Blogger award! My 1st ever award on the blogosphere :)

Rockin 'Girl' comes at just about the time when I've started to wonder if i've crossed the age where I can be called a 'girl' anymore :D And as the MM says, a party is only as good as the crowd that visits, so to Mogambo, Penguin, Bm, Ketan, Ravi, SS and all the others who visit here and fill my mornings with comment based emails and keep me going with this blogging thing, THANKS!!! :) Lurker or not, you have my regards :)

Btw, this one comes as a tag from SS, one of my fav bloggers and someone who feels utterly familiar despite the fact that we've never met! Thanks SS! :D

Now, to pass on the award to other rocking women bloggers, here's awarding

- Penguin (a wonderful friend and amazing woman, her kinda cheer is truly infectious, having transformed even grumpy ol me)

- Hilarious Y aka Yashodhara (Seriously, your sense of humor is just the way i love it, straight faced with oodles of sarcasm)

- Broom (The blogosphere respects you for your courage, for doing all you have, and then writing about it, so do I)

Just for the record, I'd have loved to tag SS and the MadMomma with this one, but they've both already been recipients of the award. But consider yourselves awarded even if not tagged, ladies! You rock, tag or no tag!

Ah .. wat a wonderful start to the week :)

Edited to add:
Chandni, I wrongly assumed you were on MM's tag list ... since you're not taken already, here's tagging you with the award as well! :) Your posts are thought provoking and hilarious in equal parts and the link on my blog to urs (despite ZERO acquaintance) is testimony to this :)

Further edited to add: High level cute comment from my mom on seeing this post - "I saw, wonderful! At this age I feel like calling myself a girl, why not you when you ARE a girl!" TOO CUTE my mom is :D (and after all this, I hope she can leave a comment .. MA? You listening?)


Penguin said...

*wiping tears from eyes* Thank you, I'm touched! :-)
PS - The tears were not for the award itself, but for the very nice line. Just clarifying :-)

chandni said...

as i said for MM, well deserved!

Y said...

*blush* ... you don't know, I'm actually very shy about such things...thank you...:-)

Broom said...

Awww... really? me? rocking? cool!

srikant said...

Congrats :DD

Treat! Treat!

chandni said...

hey,..that was very nice of you :)


Monsieur K said...

congrats :)
keep rocking gal! :D

dushyanth said...

a. congrats
b. Y isn't shy! (that rhymes! shall put it in my next rap song)
c. bhaav quota over!

Anonymous said...

kindly to excyoos. But I am to be posing koshtin - I don't get award? I *used* to blog? I could start yeggain? But I am to be feeling left out and moping around bluely. And making sad face. Sad face mopey Mogambo. *sigh*. Mogambi bilkul unkhush hua.

unpredictable said...

Penguin: :) And then u screamed and called me a bitch at the bus stop coz i said i need aircon in my house ... nice!!!

Chandni: Ditto!! :)

Y: Eh? U? Shy? Sorry, tough to bliv :) But talented yes! :D

Broom: Of course!!! Don't even ask tht question, have u told the girl? She's partly responsible u know :)

Bm: Thanks sweetie!!! Cho chweet of u to log in fm work and say congrats :)

Ketan: Thanks!! :)

Dush: Cutie pie you are :) Thankkssss :)

M'bo: Yes i thought about u (as i do when im shopping for any girly things!!) but thought this will be the thing that pushes u into the actual world of blogging in the present! Start woman start!! :D

Penguin said...

Oye, please don't take words out of context and make me sound like one total (for lack of other words) bitch. Cheap woman! Explain the story first!!!

unpredictable said...

Penguin: You've told it well on ur own blog .. im sure junta will read tht and auto assume im a firang snob!

Vish said...

you rock ab initio! :)

Amit Gokhale said...

Congratulations !!!! You are the most active blogger than I know off.. keep it up !!


shrenik said...

Hey - you've been tagged!

Sakshi said...

Congrats! ;-)