Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Food .. lots of it ...

For some strange reason, whenever there's a cooking session in my house where anything more exotic than chai is made (which btw, is every single bleddy day!) I make a little mental note to put it down on this blog. Why I want to tell a bunch of friends (blogger and otherwise) what I've cooked, I know not, but tell I will! Think of it as boastings of culinary expertise, think of it as getting back into the blogging groove. (For that matter, think anything you want, its your mind after all!) But if you like food, and are hungry right now, I really suggest you skip this post. If not, read on I say ...

Cooking adventures from last 2 weeks:
- Last Saturday: Spunks and Kinks were invited home and Palli and I cooked. Scrumptious fare of Lemon Rice, Coconut rice, Vatthakozhambu (HAH! All you idiots who called me a fraud tam, take THAT! I even used a Z!) and Palli's classic Aloo curry.

(Spunks' moaning sounds were slisha testimony to how good the food was. Apparently I also made sounds praising own-cooked food. But that's normal for me. Bleddy, why wait for someone else to praise what you know is brilliant!)

- Thurs before that: Beans + Potato curry with coconut. This has to be seen to be believed. But then seeing is not happening coz i had to delete the pic from camera to make space for messages (yes i still put messages from live people over posting random pics on blog, i'm still human, even if i say so myself!). So you'll just have to believe. Light sauteed beans with tender boiled aloo in a lightly spiced dry coconut base ... heaven!!!

- This Thurs nite: Rava upma. I've screwed up upma so many times in this city over the last year, its not even funny. Let me pls clarify before you think im a blithering idiot. It isn't ME! Its the damn rava! For some reason the varying quality of rava ensures that the rava: water ratio is invariably too high or too low so i end up eating either a slimy gooey mishmash that resembles cerelac or sandy granules of unchewable dry rava.

But this time. This time was different. In my own words, (for the lack of any others'!) I cracked it! :D

- Fri evening: Bread Upma. (C'mon Nayak, vouch for this.) Wasn't the bread just the right combo of crisp and moist? Wasn't the salt absolutely PURRFECT! Wasn't the sauteed onions + tomato base delightfully light yet imparting the most wonderful texture to the upma? And the filter coffee! AHA!!

(Note: No sounds were made this time, my sound making makes me the victim of several corny shady jokes around my bschool friends. Snorting and mmmmming and sounds in or away from their vicinity are hence generally avoided)

- Last Monday: Aloo parathas. 1st principle. Meaning right from kneading of dough to mashing of potatoes to making of parathas. All done by Wonderwoman Palli. Thunderous applause shall get you invitation to next paratha dinner session, so pls to oblige!

(P: Wonderwoman is making me want to crack orre bad joke from yesterday, but I shall resist on a public forum! :D)

- Yesterday: Simmbbbull fare of Dal and Sabzee with rotis. But aha oho aha! Suchaa wonderful Dal it was with ginger, garlic and the secret ingredient (a lump of jaggery) for the perfect aftertaste! As they say in Tamil (the kind i don't speak normally) it was a Pramaaadam! :D

Wherefrom is coming all this enthu to cook all of a sudden you ask? Damned if I know. All I can say is sneak in an invitation and be the inspiration to more culinary adventures! :D We (P and I) promise to not disappoint! :D


Monsieur K said...

2 requests:
pls to send across a return ticket for SG asap!
pls to publish a menu card (with pics) on the blog asap!

srikant said...

Wow so many things went into that bread upma.. no wonder it was brillianto! tasted to perfection when soaked in filter coffee on the spoon and swallowed whole! yummm....

u also make brilliant pasta.. try that na.. why going indian all the time?

Penguin said...

Wonderwoman.. heeheehee :-))

Spunky! said...

Vetthaikozhambu (that's how i spell my favorite dish in the world!) was rockin i sayyyyyy!

encore encore :)

Anonymous said...

vetthikodambam.....hmmm if you really made it well, then good stuff!!! And well, ask spunky about the moaning in the theater while watching "Bow Barracks Forever" will be interesting how she describes it...

(I saw parents running out of the theater with their kids after the sound effects from spunky dearest :P)

¬Mr.Anon :)

unpredictable said...

Ketan: Eh book ur own tickets ya! Im cooking, thats effort enough!

Bm: Yesss!! So many many things went into it .. plus my lou! :D Oooh yes .. pasta sounds good .. ill call u over when i make it next .. ur my official sg guniea pig! :D

Penguin: Teeeheee! :D

Spunks! Ur here!!! Encore will happen soon!

Anon: ROTFL!! :D Wait let me catch spunks and confront her with this. Shall the send u pic of her expression in denial :D