Sunday, October 14, 2007

Health Updates...

Since can't sms / mail (hand hurts more when I type esp on small keypads) back to very concerned messages/ mails I've been getting from friends, am posting common update, will direct ur queries to this place for a reply for the next few days :-)

Pehle to, thanks for the smses and mails. Rk, V, SS, Bm and Sha etc. And million thanks to Penguin who knows how I hate going to the doc alone, so spent half her to be exiciting Saturday sitting with me at the doc's. True love is this eh? :-) For this, Penguin, any wish you cite, shall be granted. :D

And health updates:
A severe bout of allergic cold is the worstest thing to happen to my excited system. Runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, tired muscles .. ugh! After prescribed dose of medicines last afty, I slept off at 3.30 pm and woke up NOW at 9.30 am. 18 full hours of sleep! Yes, I do feel much better :-)

Hand doc wasn't around yest, so will go tomm. Until then I'm undergoing a forced seperation (feels like a divorce more :( ) from sms and typing on the laptop. So if i don't reply to sms, mails, orkut msgs etc pls to understand that I still lou u all, just tht i lou my hand a wee bit more. :)

Adios till next update!


srikant said...

Stop writing official emails. Get patet to do that. This way you can write more blogs :)

Take caree.. and thanks for the dinner the other day! And the mutter aloo foto came out bad cuz of the food texture and oil content. same camera took the palak pulao foto also na?then? huh huh? what what? kuch bheeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is the wokay man. You don't have to thank and all. But yes, will soon think of amazing wish to cite. Yayyyy!
PS - Sorry couldn't make it to doc today....
- Penguin