Thursday, October 04, 2007

Died and gone to heaven ...

More culinary celebrations in this house early in the morning.

- Flatmate makes hot cuppa chai (bless her soul, this is a daily thing!)

- Unpred makes semiya upma with the extra 10 mins tht she borrowed from sleep.
Today is already "sampanna" (accomplished and fulfilled - for those who don't understand Hindi)!

*Sigh and some other sounds of bliss as she saunters off to prepare for a workday*


S said...

:) so you're on a roll with this culinary thing, hmm? Have fun.

Penguin said...

Why you can't make anything except upma for breakfast man? Otherwise I'd marry you. Sorry now cannot :-)

unpredictable said...

S: Yeahh!! If u ever visit, u can choose menu and it shall be made :D

Penguin: Weighing lou by food is verry bad, worse than not blogging, bleddy phool!

Vish said...

awesome breakfasts complete the mornings so beautifully :)

do i get a menu card too?

Anonymous said...