Thursday, October 11, 2007


Is the current sentiment here. Shoulder is doing what they call a "Tandav Naach" wreaking absolute havoc on my system. Its a normal occurrence here in Unpred land. But its painful while it lasts. OUCH!!!

Oh also the cold. How can I leave out my darling cold? How, how can I deprive it of precious blog space? The thing that sneakily waits around the corner right until I want to do my favorite activities (cycle at beach/ blog/ go to movie with friends etc) and creeps up on me unannounced and sends me into my patented "Series of 12 AACCHHHOOOOSSS"! If you thought I was one of a kind, you weren't mistaken. No one else I know can sneeze 12 times in a row. If you can, then pls to let me know I have soul ... ermmm ... nose brothers and sisters around the world.

Ah anyway, let me not shy away from highlight of the day. The cooking keeda bit once again at 7 pm this evening while at work. Found the ever ready to come over and dine Nayak lurking in one corner of the floor and coerced him into coming home by name dropping dishes like aloo palak and peas pulao. (Eh well, it wasn't so much coercion as him getting free food and coming over willingly, but you guessed right, I happen to LIKE DRAMA!)

I ended up cooking an anagram of the above - i.e. Aloo Mutter and Palak Pulao. Am going to proudly (More like shamelessly you say?) display here wonderful pics of wonderful dinner. Those who declined my warm invitation (Read Sid and Penguin) pls to feel terrible cause it tastes much better than it looks! (Let me point out, I cooked and Nayak took the photos - therein lies the difference!).

Amidst all this was embedded a COB (close of business in P&G parlance) deadline from a friend to check his Saali's resume/ form for her internships which i started with as a formality and then realized how im hopelessly manic about words and their interplay only when my hurting wrist (OUCCCHHHH!!) signalled for me to stop editing the answers!!!

Anyway, all that is done and wrapped up and finisssed and closed and to end (FINALLY!) on a happy note, i'm leaving you with pics of the food that was cooked. And tomorrow I'll hopefully post about something more meaningful than aches and food. My life's much more interesting I swear (more like desperately hope, but wth!)

Pls to be seeing and applauding the strewn with cashews Palak Pulao!

And then to stop squinting and start appreciating this badly taken pic of the mostest wonderful Aloo Mutter! (Nayak you $^%^#^@!!!! Isko photo kehte hain???!)

A very good night .. OUCH .. to you all!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Food is looking *slurp*. More so because these days, I am served up offers to be the cook-ee by the to-be cooker, but the COOKING never happens. Alas.
Come off hiyar and make for me ok? As I pfaff around and watch gripping investigative drama on TV.
Make it go away. The cold.

Penguin said...

Cheap woman! You know I declined warm invitation not because I wanted to, but because I HAD to.
By the way, I've never heard of Palak pulao ever before this? Nevertheless, it looks quite nice...

unpredictable said...

M'bo: Yes will cook for you. Poor child. Who is this cooker i ask? Subject him to penguin's raunchy dance number after she's drunk and we're all even! :D

Penguin: Yes i know. Which is why i'll cook again for u! You havent hrd of palak rice? Sigh! You do need me in ur life!

Penguin said...

Subject him to penguin's raunchy dance number after she's drunk and we're all even!
WHAT the hell is THAT supposed to mean?????

unpredictable said...

Means the person in qn is a staunch non alcoholic who will be scared off by ur raunchy drunken dancing :) Mbo will have her revenge and u will be her knight in shining armor. Happy end!