Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time for some more awarding :)

Its been a few days since Mahogany sent this my way. Time now to stand up take a bow, say thanks to him and everyone else who visits here making me a legit 'schmooze'r coz in Mahogany's words, here's how schmooze is explained...

"With a little help from Google I traced the origin of the Power-of-Schmooze award to Miguel. He's an artist/cartoonist/blogger who lives in New York state. He created the award to recognize bloggers who got noticed, built a reputation, and made new friends."

He does go on to say some rather kind things about my blog, for that and for this award, a BIG THANKS Mahogany!!! I'm touched beyond belief, and true to my word, am finally here to pass this on to the people I think deserve the title in turn. :-)

I pass this award on to those people who started out with blogs read by friends/ family and the like, but have made newer friends amongst their visitors/readers in the blog world. (THAT's what I've always loved most about blogging, award or no award) and these bloggers do it effortlessly :-)

Kusum and Chandni: For so many of the people who visit your blog with increasing regularity and frequency (yours truly being one of them) without so much as knowing you, i admire how you write and how it enables the connections you've made with complete strangers :-)

Broom: I don't know if its the nature of your stories or the way you write them, but you're a true blue schmoozer for the kind of support you've invoked amongst so many strangers :-)

Penguin: Ahem. Let me not go into the 'connections' you've been making on the blogworld. On a serious note though, I think your blog has tremendous schmooze potential tomorrow, despite its infancy today. :-)

With these people, its never the same set of friends/ visitors who love the stories, its a world beyond, and I'm happy to be part of that world :)

Here's to you guys, schmooze on! :D And while you're at it, pass it along!


Broom said...

Broom takes a bow!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
- Penguin.

Kusum Rohra said...

Many Many thanks sweetheart. My GMAT is scheduled in some days hence will post on this as soon as I am back.

Wish me luck :)

* hugs *

unpredictable said...

Broom: Pass it along lady!
Penguin: Same to you! Pass it on!

Kusum: Whoa! Best of luck!!! :D Do let us know how it went eh!