Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm reeling ..

Not from the bump on the head, no! That's fine now and after having whined to Penguin last night about how i'm scared I might not wake up in the morning (yeah, they don't call me Drama Queen for nothing!) the head hasn't bothered me so far. Looks like I will live after all.

[Side note: A very trusted friend who's fantastic with seeing the future and all told me I'd die when my life was fairly precious to me. I did visit the thought yesterday for one bit to evaluate if my current life state would qualify. Answer was nope! :-) Another thing that gave me confidence I wouldn't drop dead overnight :D ]

I AM reeling however, from this stupid Neoearth thing I've subscribed to. (Btw, why the hell is my sidebar suddenly at the bottom of the page? Some geek type software whiz help!!! No, I don't qualify!)

Anyway, this earth thing keeps moving and by the time I track which exact city/ country the yellow dot coincides with, its gone. I've been trying for a while to place some locations and have consequently acquired a headache and some giddiness (no delight there!). Need to change this to normal neoearth soon. For now, I run to the airport to drop off mom who leaves for India in 20 mins.

Until then, go look at the neoearth counter and share in the giddy feeling, will ya?

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Quirky Quill said...

The neoearth thing is fascinating but an additional annoyance in a world, where there's no dearth of annoying objects and people.
Get rid of it-i vote for the earlier idiot proof number version :)
Im very happy the head bump hasnt resulted in amnesia, more dementia, hysteria etc- a second onboarding would have been fun though :D