Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wat a ...

Wat a Monday .. passed by in a blur ... Sunday evening was spent sneezing like nobody's business (Yes, I have an ongoing undefined relationship with allergies) and looking like I was ready to die any minute. Slept at a record 9.30 pm and apparently blabbered complete gibberish over the phone to the 2 people who called me post that time, got 10 full hours of sleep and still woke up feeling dopey!! That's a record in itself (admittedly induced by the anti allergens, but wth, I get some credit!) .. but to my dismay the sedating effect of my reliable anti histamines lasted a little longer than expected - through ALL of the working Monday!!

My stoned expression was simply precious, esp through my afternoon meeting where I think I startled the boss with some terrible CP. S, if ur reading, I was on sedatives (reminiscent of Ross and Rachel's "We were on a break"! innit?) and I'm sorry!

And wat a Monday evening, I've never been on the phone that long even while at work ! Couldn't get any running done although really wanted to. Couldn't blog although I really wanted to. Another friend, a regular on this blog, gave me the 3rd degree over why I'm not blogging, and all i could hope was that its a GOOD sign that i'm not yet putting online pages and running tracks over real people and conversations!

I DID have something to write about last evening, a real topic that often does cartwheels in my little brain and bugs me no end. But I'll do that this evening.

For now just wanted to note that the 2 highest comment earning posts I've ever written were the one below this one (Marriage and the involved expectations) and another one on conversations written sometime in March. Likely coz both revolve around issues very close to most people's hearts. It's delightful to have comments pour in 4 ..even 5 days after the post is put up. But not to worry, I won't give in to the temptation and start primarily focusing on issues like tht. (Not like its in my control - my own mind possessing a mind of its own and all!) So the next post has nothing to do with relationships, Ok FINE! Very little to do with personal relationships... more to do with work relationships and the like.

Have a great day! Cya tomorrow! :-) And thanks everyone who dropped in page long comments on the last post, I appreciate ur views on the subject tremendously! :)


nutty said...


Your last post was an eerily accurate verbalization of my thoughts and current situation!

I'm definitely going to be watching this space for more :)

Nice bumping into you!

unpredictable said...

Nutty: Ello! and welcome to this space! :) Ill be watching urs in turn .. catch ya!