Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Inspiration comes in all forms no?

Haven't blogged in 4 ... maybe 5 days now. No excuses. Ok, maybe SOME excuses. Busy slisha. Tired slisha. Sohit visiting slisha. Palli over for dinner, palli househunting trip and so on and so forth. Many many slishas.

But lots of inspiration. Blogger friends msging to ask if i'm ok. (Awfully nice of you :) am ok now) Friends orkutting and scrap leaving saying woman, stop raising our expectations and then vanishing like this. (Fine fine V, sorreeeee!)


Mostest inspiring message to be found in one liner email from Palli this afternoon.

"Why you not blogging man? This is verry unacceptable behaviour. Bleddy phool. "

It IS true. Inspiration comes in ALL forms.

Oh, I'm back and all that :)


Penguin said...

I don't know if publicly announcing my joblessness in the afternoons like this is going to be very helpful in my job. What if my boss sees man? Huh? Who will give me another job then? Who?

unpredictable said...

Podi. 1st to give you so much bhaav. Then to take gaalis from you. Po! Ill stop giving footage liddis if u continue on this track !!!