Thursday, October 18, 2007

Short short .. i promise!

I do solemnly vow to keep this post short. (Coz my hands are acting up ettagain!). But 2 of my fav ppl came over to dinner tonight to eat Paella that they missed last night. In addition there was
- self made near perfect bruschetta (mastery being developed in Penguin's absence, she's in Manila slogging her butt off as I post and cook away)
- asparagus sauteed with baby corn in sweetened soy sauce
- bread croutons moistened with tomato and mint gravy
on the side .. coz was afraid the Paella wouldn't suffice. And a good meal was had by all. :-) Esp by N as you can see from almost demented happy expression on his face :D

(Pls note: N was not ASKED to collect the dishes and keep them like a lost treasure next to himself. He did it on his own accord. We think it might be food induced temporary dementia, but with him, you never really know!)

On a related (!!?? how !!!) note, what I totally LOVE about these 2 is how well they know forgotten hindi songs from our childhood days. Everything from the "Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya" song to "Atushree Mahabharata Katha" comes waltzing back into the room when I'm with them. :-) In keeping with tradition, we you tubed the Mahabharata opening song and not only found it, but also sang along with violent glee :)

Louuuuittt when i find mad people like myself in the world to rejoice over the itsy bitsiest crazy experiences :D

And Sha is the bestest mostest astonishing Bong woman ever! I mean, to tell me to play 'Vaseegara' (the tam version of Zara Zara) coz it sounds so much better than its hindi cousin, then to play Sandai Kozhi instead of its hindi sister 'Kabhi Neem Neem' from Yuva and finally request for a song from Kannathil Muthamital I haven't even heard myself!!!

I officially LOU this woman!!! :D

And my mom gets here in 2 DAYS! :D

And my very good pal V is back from his week long absence in Europe :D

And my visa got approved for my Nov trip - I leave in 2 weeks !!! :DDDD (I'll post the where only when I get there. Enough of jinxing my own luck for one year!)

And I had fruit juice AND ice cream tonight. :S

(Note to self: Its just a sugar high - PHEW!)

Ok, ok. ... I'm off to rest the hand and the system.Good night (yaaaawwwwwwwwwwwn) everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm hurt. You are louing other women in my absence (not that in my presence you loved me, but still). Here people think I'm weird for coming to this meeting alone, and there, people are deserting me. My parents are the only ones who love me and perhaps Pangal (his motivation is just plain food, but I'm blind to that fact). Sigh.
- Penguin.

unpredictable said...

Noooooooooooo !!!(Sound of breaking heart), that's a very diff kinda lou!!! I swear, plus what do u mean accusing my heart of having only so much space eh? Don't be mad!!! I'll introduce u to my mom .. THEN you'll know ur special :D

srikant said...

so much for MY anonymity.. hmpf!! :(

But guyses and girlses.. food was fun-taste-tic :)The Italian bruscheta with Spanish rice, India bread upma and Thai beer (Singha) was just ossum :D

Next stop is free food at the Durga puja pandals :D

Bikerdude said...

If you can sing : "Hawkins ki seeti baji", "Khujli karne waale B-Tex laga le" and "Badshah Masalaaa", then you may instantly report to Bangalore (with paella and other delicious things in plate).

unpredictable said...

Srikant 'demented' N: Sorry but after my mom dashed my anonymity with her comments, I'm taking everyone else down with me! Maybe i shud put up a pic to make Sha's words come true! :P
And before M'bo seconds you on the free food hogging - CHEAPO!

Bikerdude: Hello visitor! Tick, tick and tick to all the above. Pls also consider ticked:
- "Roshni deta Bajaj" (mukhda PLUS antra)
- "Tandurusti ki raksha karta hai Lifebuoy" (despite being a P&G loyalist!)
- "Zabaan Sambhaalke" and "Dekh Bhai Dekh" complete with accents and background music.
See u in Bangalore!!

Anonymous said...

u missed out 'Wagle ki duniya'...brings back memories of childhood..sigh..are we that old now :(? - Sahana.

Anonymous said...

free food, FREE FOOD! yay!! S, my man, you remember that most kickass food we wolfed down at that kovil? (Though we didn't go back for seconds, like Mystic. Now *that* was kinda sad yeah? I mean, who goes back for seconds at a kovil prasaadam thing, please?! Hullo, self-control?!!)


Anonymous said...

hum paanch pa pa pa paaaaaaaa... hum paanch pa pa pa paaaaaaaaa.


unpredictable said...

Sha: Yeah yeah! And the Tridev number was forgotten too .. paap se dharti phati phati phatiiii....:D

M'bo: Bleddy sucha bastard you are woman! ME and Seconds? I was the one sitting dignified in corner saying lets leave free food for the deserving poor ... bleddy wat a collusion is happening here with N and U!

Anonymous said...

Eh. Don't make me rat you out in public domain like this - I have N and that other boy A to vouch for this. You only. Went back for seconds, even for third round of that grape juice or whatever.
And plus you made *me* steal *two* laddoos from some other random kovil prasadam place and hide in my handbag so *you* could eat them after 2 rounds of beer.
*hugs* but i still lou you okva? N and I will *never* judge you for what you did, right N?
You are bestu! :)


srikant said...

shit missed out on the comments! yeah..unpred was the one who went back for 'feed-back' stepping on the thin line betn prasadam and free food, that she blurred the line for us as well (no wonder we fell for it)...
and yeah not to forget the inhaling of all the grape juice thingie that followed!

unpredictable said...