Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Will she ever retire?

My mother, ladies and gentlemen, aged 54, in a job that leaves her with little time for herself on weekdays and a family that eats up most of the rest on weekends has gone and enrolled herself for a Diploma in HRM (Human Resource Management) through correspondence.

Base goal is to take 2 exams this year (Dec 2008, Jun 2009) with 5 subjects each with whatever little time life has to offer.

Stretch goal is to attend classes when possible (close to where we live, thank God).

You'd have to conclude - either my mother is a woman who sees the world as limitless OR I'm putting her through so much anguish with how I live my life that this was the only way she could distract herself from daughter-imposed misery.

I sincerely hope it's the former.

Kudos to her either way!

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~nm said...

Hats off to your mom to be being so alive. Yeah I used the word alive because at this age most of the people are thinking of retiring and not that they do nothing after retirement but this is just so amazing!!

Wishing her all the best in her endeavors!