Monday, July 21, 2008

Faith ...

Is simply a matter of staying fearless despite the absolute loss of control...

Fearlessness ... a reality only when one can confront the idea of losing things that seemingly matter most to them and yet not flip completely at the thought of the worst possible outcomes. And when one can honestly say that the calm comes from being calm, and not from sitting and awaiting the storm.

Chandni wrote about faith some time back, and consequently I've revisited the notion - why I have faith and how much my sense of sanity depends on it. Faith exists in my life cause in situations where I really cannot influence the direction that a situation is taking, I need to believe that a larger force out there is managing my life when I'm not and that it will take me to a good place because of the good Karma I've accumulated. (Don't tell me how inane you find the notion of an educated person saying all this. Even if you're thinking it. You have your belief system and I have mine.)

My faith is hence tested to the hilt when put in a situation that I simply cannot control, and yet want to stay fearless through. When all I am is a passenger in the backseat. Not the person at the wheels. (There's only so much back seat driving even a usually control freakish me can indulge in.) My destiny is tied to another's. It's a notion that would normally leave me feeling frustrated and helpless.

But once I manage to honestly internalize the notion of faith, I think I can actually find it in me to sit back and relax, perhaps even enjoy the ride with the bumps and potholes, without so much as blinking. Much less freaking out or palpitating at the thought of the worst case scenario. Just telling myself that even the worst cannot possibly be that bad.

I like. The feeling of fearlessness, that is.

Where do you get your faith from?


??! said...

From faith itself.

Hoooold it, have I just discovered a self-generating, continually repleneshable source? Oh yes, baby!

chandni said...

aaah...but I don't believe in fearlessness...

having fear is if one indulges in fearlessness knowing that the situation is not in one's control anyway, its not really fearlessness is it?

Would have been, if one knows that one has control, and that one's actions would determine the result and takes a decision in that light...don't know if that made any sense!