Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Is exactly how I feel most of the time now.

Life outside work is settling down to a state of same -old and I DON'T LIKE. I'm constantly thinking of what to do next to spice up things and make life meaningful, but as of now drawing one BIGGU sized blank.

Also, I'm sitting on the periphery of decisions that others are making about my life and trying hard to stay calm and peaceful ...

*breathes deeply, once... twice... thrice.... up and goes back to huffing

As you can see, *that* isn't going too well at the moment.

What the F is with me and sitting quietly that will just not go together? Ok, I have to promise myself that I need to put something down on paper for the next 6 months on paper by this weekend. Else I'll go without sweets for all of next week.
(Shudder, Gasp, Shudder!!!)

And on that cheerful note, I say goodbye. Someone's about to break some top secret news to me. Why like this so much suspense and not knowing in MY life WONLY? WHY???!!!


Shoonyata said...

open the window, and screeeeaaaam:)
Good luck!

Prasad said...

I feel a similar feeling. But I wouldn't know to articulate it "Bweh"--calling it that somehow unburdens the mind.

Penguin said...

Hehehe! I hope top secret news lived up to expectations :-)
And yes, I can help with planning at least the next few weekends, with the 5 places that have to be seen. I'll think of a fifth one soon.
PS - This too shall pass.

unpredictable said...

Shoonyata: I cooked instead. You know how sometimes you put in just the right amount of salt into ur sabzi so it tastes like the sabzi and yet the flavor of sundry masalas lingers on ur tongue ... like that I made. Genius only this kid is :D

Prasad: Yes. Bweh is nice. So are "bah" and "uak". I could come up with some more if you want?

Penguin: Yes hon. Lived up to expectations. Unburdened. Gave off perspective etc. 5 places it is. Let us live Singapore like there's no tomorrow babbby! :D
p.s: Pass or fail, I say bring it on!!! Err.. yes heroine only I am!