Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Wat a yummy cabbage sabzi was made. Slurpppp!!! :D Such perfect amounts of salt and masalas and leaving on the gas until perfect green brown. And had with 3 day old Rasam (we don't waste food even if the person we live with cooks to feed an army) is just PURRFECT comfort food.

*I'm putting down cooking as one of my top 5 things to take mind off ..err... issues that threaten to make me rant. I know! I'd be a good person to live with!!!*

Also my mother is just the coolest uber nicest and sweetest human being ever. We just had this conversation and she just swept me off my feet with her attitude towards things. I want to give her one full standing ovation for being her.

*She won't really know I did, living in another country and all that. But enough to put the thought out here, no?*

Also AR gave us a belated birthday gift. And it was indeed a Wat A!!! Pottery set with full rotating base and air drying clay (not to be eaten - going by pack instructions. Dammit! When will they let me eat clay I ask!) and PAINTS. YAY!!! I have a weekend project. I'm going to make candle holders with the clay and all.

*Anyone know how air drying clay holds up to melting wax? Find out and tell me before I burn down the house? Thanks!*

And now I shall proceed to do some painting. So see, this friend and his colleagues recently succeeded in displaying Chinese letters on an LCD screen (I have cool friends like that, yeah!!!) and in keeping with my tradition of giving away badly (but lovingly, mind you!) painted objects as gifts to friends (coasters/ pen stands/ jewelery cases are the norm) I've wanted to give this one something nice as well. So I'm gonna paint his name in Chinese on a tee and gift it to him.

*No, it's never too late to be my friend. Yes, I love them all almost equally. Almost being the key word. :D*
**If N starts to rant about how I've never cleaned his room in the 5 years we've known each other so well, despite cleaning some other rooms in the same hostel and blah, just ignore him, ok? He's a ranter like that, that boy.**

Ok good night!


Lekhni said...

*I'm putting down cooking as one of my top 5 things to take mind of..

But you don't cook, right? You just said it's the person who lives with you.. maybe you should cook then :)

unpredictable said...

Lekhni: :) I cook a good deal .. so does my flatmate ... she just cooks a LOT sometimes, that's all.

Penguin said...

oooh! A pottery set?! Really?? I'm impressed with AR, man!

chandni said...

I want cool gifts too...send already.

Aren't we friends and all that??

And ur mom swept you off your feet, you mean, not hers :)

unpredictable said...

Penguin: Yes!!! So am I!!

Chandni: hehe... and dammit! my feet of course!

~nm said...

So when do we see your lovely creations?

unpredictable said...

Nm: Soon! Not names of people though, coz there's anonymity and all at stake ... but yes, other creations shall! (Soon as i make them. I slacked this weekend, alas!)