Friday, July 18, 2008

Have you ever?

Walked out of a movie hall right in the middle of a movie?

I've done it twice before (Khoya Khoya Chand & one slapstick I don't recall the name of). Yes, it reflects low levels of tolerance. (You really don't need proof to conclude that about me, my mother and close friends will tell you).

What I did not anticipate was walking out on an Aziz Mirza movie without even making it to the intermission. Kismat Connection could *NOT* have been more disappointing.

I blame Jaane Tu for setting too high a bar in an enjoyable movie experience. Not a brilliant movie, not a masterpiece or a work of art. Just a movie where you could feel for the characters and *fall in love* vicariously. (When Jai, on noticing Aditi being kissed by the *other* man, freezes and lets go of Meghna, you understand, as he does, for the very 1st time, exactly how he feels about her.)

But Shahid fell in love with Vidya Balan without so much as breezing past my heart, let alone touch it.

No spark.

No fireworks.

Zilch. It didn't even leave me curious as to what happens next. (Any wonder I calmly walked out?)

You'd expect better of 2 reasonably good actors and the director who gave us Yes Boss and Raju ban gaya Gentleman, yes?

Perhaps *not*, as is amply proven when you watch the movie.

I suggest you go watch Jaane Tu a 2nd time instead.

I plan to.


Lekhni said...

Movie hall, I don't remember. But I have switched off DVDs after watching for just 5-10 minutes.

~nm said...

O-oh! Why the hell did I read your post when I just bought the tickets today for going for a Saturday evening show!!! :(

unpredictable said...

Lekhni: Hah now that u mention .. I slept off midway through Phir Bhi Dil .... by guess who? Aziz Mirza! Should've seen this coming!!!

Nm: SORRY!!! Maybe .. er... maybe you'll like it!!! I have LOW tolerance!! :(

Fork Spoon Knife said...

lol.. i have.. once I walked out when the title credits were coming on and the other was Harry Potter -III.. i fell asleep and thot it's prudent to do that in my own bed :))

unpredictable said...

Forkspoon: Duh! That doesn't count no? I'm asking about when a movie was SO bad you had to walk out. Pls don't say Harry Potter was bad? :(