Saturday, April 28, 2007

To Shamu with love and pride

Dear Shamu,

All these years ive seen you go through life, as a student, as a simple girl from Borivali, with ur views on the world that sent some into splits and left others like me wondering where all that self concocted wisdom came from :)

I've seen you at your best, topping exams, being sports secy for the girls at VJTI, balancing a family and a gazillion friends with utmost concern for everyone but urself. Would be redundant to cite that ive loved you and been proud of you through all of those times. :)

But, I've seen you at your worst as well. Going through tough times at work, esp at Infy where you were literally baptized through fire with 15 hour long workdays that paid a pittance. Taking the CAT almost 3 times, almost to the point of giving up, yet never giving up. A life alone in a city away from home and family and friends, all this from a girl who never left Bombay on her own.

Might i add, I loved you even more through those bad times. Partly, coz all the times u reached out to me, you magically endowed me with a special place in your life. The position of the person who's words mattered enough to be heard and taken seriously. The position of a person who loved you and was given their due right in that role - the right to cheer you, comfort you and encourage you.

But more importantly, coz i saw the butterfly emerge from the coccoon in a slow, sometimes painful yet steady process. And the butterfly became the person that is you today. Gone is the idealism and naivette. Its replaced by a healthy realism which beautifully complements your innate positivity. Cause you've handled everything that was thrown your way with utmost grace and strength. Cause you've still been there to put a smile on so many faces when they were going through dark times, no matter how dark things were at your end.

And today, as you called me to tell me you made it to IIMB, you gave me what ill cherish as the best moment in this year. Possibly among the 5 top moments of my life. More happiness and excitement than I have had at any point in the last few months. So much pride in knowing that one of the finest women ive known and loved in my life, will be a part of community IIMB.

Congratulations on a very well deserved entry into a whole new life sweetie! More proud of you than you could ever imagine, happier for you than i have been for myself lately and looking forward to you becoming part of the bschool league :) Do give them some time to know how lucky they are to have you around. And i envy the people who's lives you'll touch with your friendship. Love you!!!


P.s: Yes ill visit you in Blore sometime this year, just like u visited me wen i was a student at IIMB. Can't hardly wait. Once again, I have a reason to come back to campus. :)


Sharmili said...

well, i cannot put in words what this blog means to me...

as i told u, my excitement levels have reached new heights after seeing your childlike enthusiasm... u know like when a child gets a new toy... something akin....

hope things work out as we have planned :)))))))))))

looooooooooooooooooooooooove u.... so much that u cant imagine...

LUCKY said...

'lovveee u soo much? that u can't imagine? '


unpredictable said...

Shams: Love u too kiddo!

Ravi: Cheap cheap cheap!!! I love her in the same way i love any of u mentees, and this is what u do !! TSK!

srikant said...

well u women will be wasted on men. just marry each other. really. i know a really good place in phuket which can take care of this :p

Congratssssssssss Shamuuu!!! i know i could have wished u on ur blog as well, but i hink u visit this more often. :)))
lesse if u can keep ur room cleaner than sudha's :p

unpredictable said...

bm: yeah we know ... thats why we're back up to each other.. only she went and got hitched and ditched a poor me .. so im all single and shamuless now :P

Shams: how bout we do a phuket trip wen ur here :PPP, and yeah .. really wanna see if ur room is cleaner than mine :DDD

Sharmili said...

well, me doesnt mind... place no issue so long as sudha is with me :)))))))))))