Friday, April 27, 2007

So ur good with word associations?

Intellectual abilities: Burnt out, exhausted, brainfried, braindead:

For aforementioned reasons. From looking at concept after concept after concept. Looking through the consumers eyes, then through my own, then through my boss's then through the AMD's then as the grammar nazi, then to check for creeps, then to endow verbal brilliance and finally to ensure the core of the idea is still alive after all those checks. Now run this in a loop as many times as u frigging like.
Welcome to my world!

Mind and spirit: Dull, lifeless, lackluster:
For want of a vacation somewhere in the mountains or near a beach. For want of a rainy evening spent observing raindrops or quality time with a loved one. For want of some undying affection (Read shamu) or pampering (read mom) or listening (read shamu or mom :D) or touching words (read Sohit) or brilliant insights into my future (Read Sai) or affectionate leg pulling (Read Kunal) or time spent feeling fulfilled and innately happy (Read a currently incapable me??) or white at its most pristine (Read snow capped mountains) or refreshing hues of green (Read wide open fields dotted with tiny sunflowers) or the calm of blue (Read the wide open ocean) or the mystery of deep blue (read a starry starry nite at the beach) and much more to describe without the pain of a job to do hanging in the back of my mind and guilt making a slow entry into this afternoon endeavor :)

Fine fine .. ill get back to work ...

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srikant said...

...or time with someone with a brilliant sense of humor (read nayak)...

sorry, was just feeling left out.