Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wattan idea! Co blogging on 'Green'!

Been a while since i blogged .. spent the last week in Bombay. Never imagined a change of place could make so much of a difference to state of mind and sheer creativity! Have suddenly taken an about turn on POV on some issues plaguing my mind, have come back with tons and tons to write about. Been very long since i felt this inspired and perky! Not to say that my vacation was the most relazing or anything, but it served to distract me and bring me the normalcy and optimism i hadnt felt in very long :-) Maybe it was meeting mom, maybe all the shopping, maybe being pampered by Kunal and Sohit like good old times, maybe all the non stop chatter with the mad woman that is Sharmili :-) (Shamu u know im kidding - i love u too much to mind ur madness :P) .. more about Bombay later .. but have made good time this week, wrote an article for MaSh (the Marketing Shrine of IIMB for the uninitiated), wrote one of those long emails that was long overdue to pass on the cheer (did i manage to do that at all?), had dinner with one of my fav couples - the brilliant Aparna and the very warm hearted Abhishek :) and was thoroughly inspired to visit cambodia (Kinks!!! We have this one trip to do with Vijay, Deepa and Soggy :D) and am now peacefully settled to do my long overdue blog for the week! :D

So news is that Vish and I decided to co blog. A rather cool idea to synergize 2 brilliant writing minds (:D they dont call me hopelessly immodest for nothing!) So we're gonna give this thing with his pics and my words a shot :-) Lets see how it goes...

Today's blog is about this very fiery looking parrot outside vish's window in chennai ( im not sure if i wanna do the whole real issue blog thing ... i was always a fan of abstract topics .. esp at the IIM Gd processess .. people hated me for the weird linkages id come up with straight out of thin air .. come to think of it im not quite sure where a lot of the links in my head come from .. sometimes im almost sure theres another person in there ... :P

So what comes to mind when i see the pic?

Green reminds me of 'Pachai Nirame' ... a song from Alai Payuthe - the tam version of 'Saathiya' ... one of my all time favorite songs is the rendition of 'pachai nirame' which means green color ... the song in tam carries pretty much the same meaning in tam as it does in hindi, it has one para each devoted to one color in the color scheme, only in tam the devotion to colors is much more painstaking - each line in each para makes a vivid reference to one instance in nature that captures the color ... so the song starts with 'pachai nirame' - the color green and moves on to the color red with this line that goes "Kilaiyil kaanum kiliyin mookku" which almost means (and dont beat me up if i get this wrong, i was born and brought up in bombay!) as red as a parrots beak .. and then goes on to say something about "all reds are like your anger" .. completely mindblowing esp when a tam illiterate finds the english translation of the lyrics :) .. a must hear and must listen more so if ur tam :D

Green reminds me of when i fell in love with the rains in bombay, we moved into a house on the 5th floor which had windows as close to french windows as one can possibly find in a city with sky high property rates :-) The view was incredible if one stood out on the ledge and looked to the left, the hills seperating Borivali from Mulund/ Thane were visible on clear days, and if you couldnt see them, it meant clouds were gathering over the horizon and u were to be fortunate enough to smell wet earth, feel cool breeze and experience the thrill of raindrops on your skin ... rain is possibly the only other thing from love that can touch every one of your senses and make you come alive in the real sense of the term :)
I can still remember goosebumps as i felt the clouds coming on ... the almost startling green of leaves that made a brilliant contrast to the gray of gathering clouds, the scent id still be willing to trade for all the gucci envys and burberrys in the world, the instinct to let my hair down literally so the wind could play with it, the music of a million droplets pattering down all at once, and the sense of calm and exhilaration that invaded the mind at once ... isnt love just like that? :-) The only thing that possibly tops this is experiencing rains WHILE in love :DD

Green reminds me of IIMB, think Thakore is the only one who can lay claim to having walked that campus alone as much as i did ... through the long winding roads, the faculty quarters, the well hidden paths along the back, the football field, the tall water tank near the admin block, through the alleys of the MDC which was home to the feared placement process that brought out the best and worst in people, places Sai and I walked for hours together as we inspired each other (he mostly did the inspiring :) while i drank in his words of wisdom), the children's park where he told me id leave the country soon even as i stubbornly shook my head (how little we know how the future will pan out when we're right there in the moment no?), my cozy room which was the prefered choice of sleeping off while pretending to study for some (read Mr Kunal Mundra), the venue for 4 hour long conversations while bracket status read online (read Mr Sohit Kapoor), and accidental crash landing spot while bird scouting :P (Read Mr BM) and most prefered venue to deliberately walk into wearing chappals when i had JUST cleaned my room (Read Mr Kunal, Sohit AND Bm!!!) :) ... god i miss that time all over again!!!

Green reminds me of the monster called jealousy :) Not once will i claim to being above this wasteful emotion ... and not once will i spend more than 2 lines on it :) Green reminds me of Liril .. a testament to how good a marketer HLL is :)

And there's probably more to write about .. if only it wasn't for midnight being a good time to hit the bed and 9 am meetings the morning after!!! :-)

A very good night, after my 1st attempt at co blogging ... :DDD and tomorrow will be another fantastic day :-) night everyone!


Atticus said...


I like the abstract theme- i say there are enough people to write about real issues but not enough people to think abstractly!

And good work with the co-blogging too! but seems like you didnt get my point abt putting the pic in the blog- you have a certain syntax for the picture so taht it actually shows up as a pic in ur blog!!

And funny that you reference so many ppl in your blogs- a far cry from my dispassioned writing :)

unpredictable said...

arre samesh! i didnt have the patience to do it ur way at 12 in the nite re .. so pasted the link for now ... next time on will use ur tool :) thanks tho!

Vish said...

neat! couldnt have written so many things about the green bird. ;)

Anonymous said...

good one there- and nicely put together!

Anonymous said...

good one there- and nicely put together!

Monsieur K said...

extremely well written Sudha! :)
especially liked the part where you describe the rains, and was reminded of the beautiful life on campus when you dwelled upon your life there.

keep writing.

unpredictable said...

Hey Ketan! Thanks for dropping by .. yes i still rbbr campus very very fondly ... more so rains on campus .. nothing cud beat that :)