Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nishabdh - No words to express

The movie literally lives up to its name, i have no words to describe the feeling of watching it. I won't claim its one of my best ever watched but one must hand it over to Mr RGV. He does know how to make some fantastic subjects come to life through his flair for storytelling and visualization.

What Nishabdh has in common with Kaun, Satya, Company, Bhoot et al is the flair for weaving tapestry with the right music and silences, the right shadows and lights, the right expressions on the right talent and somewhere in the midst of it all, a powerful storyline that holds the other elements together.

Where Nishabdh probably differs - for the first time ever, RGV touches upon relationships with such depth and delicacy. A far cry from the underworld dons and the supernatural yarns he's come to be associated with, Nishabdh is a touching story of an older man falling for a younger woman. And as the movie goes on to elaborate, its not about sexuality (as is usually claimed to be the rationale of such love) and raging hormones. Its very simply about finding a spirit to inspire and reverberate with your own. Although the principle seems sound, the anomaly of the whole situation (married older man, object of his affection is his daughters best friend etc) is so stark esp in light of Jia's provocative behaviour that you wonder sometimes how the mother and daughter aren't seeing the storm thats brewing right under their very noses.

Throughout the movie, the viewer can take away what he wants - sympathy for 2 lost souls who find each other, OR disgust at 2 selfish individuals who haven't given any thought to their circumstances and the feelings of the other parties involved. There's absolutely no bias induced by the director and ur completely free to support, revolt or express casual indifference. But there's no denying that regardless of what you take away, Nishabdh is a delight for any discerning viewer, a visual and mental treat that doesn't torture or insult your intelligence like most other movies today :) That if nothing else should make you want to watch this one! :-)


Sharmili said...

dude... havent watched the moview myself and wasnt going to considering the reviews it has got... but after reading ur review, i mite just end up going for the movie...

did u ask RGV for some marketing fees for the promotion u r doing for his film :))))

Viraj Datar said...

heyy... seems like a good movie to spend money on... ur description is all professional... as shamu says.. u got paid or what? :)