Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back from Bangkok ... and im home now

To be honest, this post has little to do with Bangkok per se, its probably more about the events of the last few days, selective ones obviously coz the rest of the last 3 days passed in this crazy blur that im more than glad to push out to a small distant corner of my mind. Pathetic, stressful and gah! to say the least ... and now that ive gotten that out of the way, ill focus on the silver lining so to speak :-)

- I come to SG to a home, not a house! :-)

Well u have to see Shali's msg on my orkut scrapbook to get this one, but it feels incredibly good to be missed in somebodys life and even better if the people missing u are as wonderful as Shali and Leo :-) Im officially on cloud nine ever since i saw that my flatmate missed me being around :DDD And SOOO happy to be back home :-)

- I came home to a gift and some very warm words!!!!

My 'lucky' mentee, admittedly one of my two favorite mentees (the other one being kinky who btw seems to have vanished off the face of the earth! :S) is a Mr Ravi Karthik. On his latest visit to SG for CMK college (yes somehow both my fav mentees landed up in CMK at P&G - yes i checked their resumes and helped structure their answers :-) ) he decided to maximize his visit with a trip to cambodia. As always is with his SG visits, Ravi stayed in our very hospitable home enjoying the mothering from me and shali and the undying attention that Leo reserves for newcomers. Now on his way back from Cambodia, Mr Mentee drops by our house to pick up some bags etc and head out to Bombay (shali and i both werent around but im sure Rose took care of him, our hospitality is always alive and kicking yeah!! :D) and leaves me this awesome boho bag from Cambodia as a gift. Ravi, thanks a ton, and its not so much the bag that touched my heart, it was ur so called thank you note that made an overall lousy day end very well :-) THANKSS!!! :DDDD

- I saw a happy family today!!!

The kind that u only see on television, the kind where the husband and wife still shine in each others company and the kids have a healthy rapport going with dad and mom. Mom and dad were sitting by me on the flight and kids were up front. Incredibly touching to see hubby and wife still hold hands, laugh at apparently personal jokes together (they turned down the offer for headphones coz theyd rather talk to each other), wife still puts her head on hubby's shoulder and he still has his arm around her, no different from a honeymooning young couple, only this couple was resplendent in a love far more mature and soulful than any young couple ive ever seen :-) Yes, i know they probably have their share of troubles, and yes i also know that there's possibly more than a few cracks under that blissful facade, but more importantly i know the value of shedding cynicism once in a rare while and enjoying the visions of optimism that god sends my way. Today was one of them, and it touched my heart to say the very least :-)

A very good night to everyone!!! Im officially home and thrilled to be back !! :D


LUCKY said...

I'm honored by the mention!

Sharmili said...

welcome back babes :))))

leo reserves special attention to newcomers to ur house, is it??.... i am dreading to visualise what sight will it be when i come to sng... leo giving special attention and u getting a special show of aerobic jumps from me ;))))