Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week so far

Has been far from happy to be honest.

It does feel (naively so, one might tell me) like this is the most stressed I've ever been all my life. Also A's very straightforward observation of "you look terrible" (ref the growing dark circles and generally pallid complexion) delivered to my face today could've plunged me into deeper gloom had I not had other more preoccupying matters on the mind. Imagine.

But I AM glad to report that I've begun to run 4 km once every 2 days after the corp athlete training. Also ensuring I keep up my glucose levels with snacks between meals. One apple every day and 1-2 glasses of milk/ yogurt drinks. The endorphins help pep me up even on really low days. And I promise to keep up this routine no matter what.

So there's my sad little update for the week. Sorry if I've depressed the crap out of someone who came here to read something happy :S

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