Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I've realized this month is going to be crazy personally and professionally. In the spirit of taking charge of my own destiny and all, and to avoid plunging into deep blue depression, here's my plan.

Each day I promise to post about 1 thing that made me happy in the day. As a reader, you do not care, and that's cool. But I need to be able to come back here and NOT see more depressing crap.

Actually, crap is fine, so long as it's happy.

So today is day 1.

My FB status lines have off late reflected the murkiness of my moods. Everyday there's something new teetering on the edge of 'not so great' that suddenly degenerates into 'outright pathetic' and I put up a new angry status on FB.

Now the younger brother is on FB. (The mother, thankfully, is not)

After days of silently observing his sister's angst (anger he's used to, angst is new) he finally posted today on my status saying "dude, your status lines are starting to freak me out. we need to talk"

Like most men in my life, the brother is an inexpressive moron. But while on one hand, I'm feeling stupid at having worried him so, on the other hand, I'm secretly thrilled that something I said elicited a concerned response from him. Turns out after all the years of not being there for him and of barely staying in touch, he does love me after all :)

I'm going to put myself to sleep on that happy note. :)

Good night to you too ...

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