Thursday, November 05, 2009

Good news bytes: Day 2

A very good friend might move to Singapore in a matter of 3-4 months. It's wonderful news not only because I'd have a great friend around the corner, but also because this is something he's wanted for a really long time.

Here's to wishes being granted, and to prayers coming true. :)


Penguin said...

Hey! That IS great news. Is it okay for me to congratulate him, or is he not supposed to know that I know? I mean, I still haven't confirmed identity with you, so we could play the game... :-)

Mogambo said...

Each day I promise to post about 1 thing that made me happy in the day.

Promise breaker.

Penguin said...

Mogambo - I agree. Very chi! behaviour this is! Shall I beat her up on both our behalfs (pronounced begalfs)?

unpredictable said...

@2idiots: sorry for being lazy over a lazy weekend. Postedit.

Happy now?