Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Happy post 2!!!

So much happiness. I might faint and fall down from the giddiness of it all. No i'm not being sarcastic.

The cousin with the 3 year old kid visits in December and will likely bunk with me. The flatmate is conveniently out then, so yay to not worrying about disturbing the poor thing.

This is the 2nd time the 3 year old nephew will see me. And I'll be damned if I don't make a lasting impression on him. In no time, everyone will know I'm his favorite aunt.

(I need to ask my mother if this competitive thing runs in our family. Really.)


Mogambo said...

Pengu: Just beat it. (It=her)
If possible, do post beating victory moonwalk.

Penguin said...

Very soon, everyone will know how he doesn't want to ever sight on Aunt Unpred again, because she wanted to boss him into liking her.

Mogambo - I'll get right on it :-)

mespacehere said...

Tuesday Happy Post?

unpredictable said...

Mgbo and Penguin: Why so angry? So violent? My kind self has never hurt you or any hair on your head. Not even the white ones.

Then why?

Mespace: Just up :)

Mogambo said...

Lady, whose hair you calling white? Meself here and my dear Pengu no less, we are good Indian women. With long, lustrous black hair. Mind it.

unpredictable said...

Mbo: Pengu cut her hair nice and unindianly short recently. Note it's been some 1.5 years since you last saw each other?

Anonymous said...

Alas. You fashion forward Pengu, you. Leaving me behind all alone like this.

Penguin said...

Mogambo - Sorry ya. I think Unpred did choomantarakaali to me and under that influence, I cut off hair. Che, if only you had saved me!