Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Happy post

Learned my 1st ever Punjabi sentence.

"Thwadda naam ki aan?"

(aka what's your name?)

By next weekend I'll learn how to say "Stop beating your brother". Isn't that cool? (albeit useless for a few years at least)


Penguin said...

Is this gender-specific or not?
My first Punjabi sentence = Gur nalo ishq mitha. Apparently it means love is sweeter than gurrrrr.

unpredictable said...

Excuse me but if hindi / punjabi songs are counted then obv even i knew sentences earlier. Nonsense!!!

Mogambo said...

My contribution here will be:
Sade dil te/(pe?) churiyan chalaiyan.
I think that means some variation of:
I'm going to drive a dagger through your heart and kill you.

Mogambo said...


Boy helpfully(?) contributes:
It may mean I'm having dagger (of lou) piercing my heart.
Boy adds:
Of course, if he meant 'sade' in tamizh, then he's possibly calling himself an idiot.