Monday, September 01, 2008

Rock on ..

We all appreciate good cinema, esp when it's a deviation from the norm. Esp so, if the deviation hasn't left the movie half unbearable (like say a Jodha Akbar). So when a movie that's more than half decent comes your way, you better go catch it.

Rock On, which admittedly comes tinted with shades of DCH, is about 4 guys and their love for making music. Somewhere along the way, the story makes space for 2 wives without reducing them to pretty caricatures and within an interesting format of skipping between the past and the present, keeps you fairly engaged for about 2.5 hours. Add to the mix some hummable music and a very real sounding screenplay that skips past melodrama and stays on the sane path, and you have a movie that's definitely worth your buck. And your time.

Personal favorites include Farhan Akhtar in his acting debut - love his sincerity, Prachi Desai of Kasam se fame as his wife - she's real and gets a chance to act without the camera zooming in and out of her face K serial style - and does a pretty good job of it too. Not to forget Purab Kohli as the Sameer from DCH sound-alike with his impeccable sense of comic timing.

Also am still stuck on Phir Dekhiye, find the lyrics and the song here on chandni's blog. I recommend it as she does. Also love Yeh Tumhaari Meri baatein.

A special mention of the scene where Prachi finally speaks her mind on how she's been left out of her husband's life for as long as she can remember. It struck a chord simply cause where we come from, I know it would be a socially acceptable way for a wife to *adjust* without ever complaining about it.

Likely to elicit questions like "you have the perfect life, what else do you want?", it's something many many women would just grow to be ok with, although in reality there's nothing quite normal about sharing a space with a husband when you're not involved in the stories that make up his life (and vice versa). Why else do we have flatmates if not to lead individual lives under the same roof? Don't need a husband for that no?

Although, to be fair, he does come around too soon post her outburst. A normal guy would've taken a while to confront his own demons, much less admit them to his wife asap. Just saying!

And here's a tribute to a friend. We all have our phases. Of being whiny, gwumpy and FredFlintstony. We still are one big happy family. Really! :D

Good night ya all ...and Yabba Dabba Doo!


Penguin said...

My favourite thing about the movie was the way all the guys were on stage - I mean really, they looked SO much like they were having a good time and really singing and entertaining!!! I LOVE!

chandni said...

bloody hell1 every single person I know has seen the movie!! I am the ONLY one who's not managed to get tickets!!


unpredictable said...

Penguin: heheh yes it was evident from the way we kept clapping after every song and nodding along in approval :D

Chandni: Err.. sorreee... it's easier to get tickets in Singapore I guess :( Try online booking? *sheepish helpless look*

Albatross said...'s one of those movies, after coming out of which an SMS is ready to go out saying "Rock On Rocks" or something to that effect (btw, Unpred, I nearly messaged you but guessed you'd probably seen it).

I think that there are 3 kinds of films: great, good and the others. Rock On was in the second; some from-the-heart performances and good chemistry between the Magik 4 made up for abysmal dialogue and a director who possibly bunked shooting, editing, or both. :)

And yes, Unpred, that scene of Sakshi and Aditya was rock solid. The remarkable thing about the movie was the number of second chances: relationships, careers and even the band itself. In life, second chances, especially in relationships, are very, very rare.

Perhaps that's why Rock On is a film...:-D

unpredictable said...

albatross: you started someplace and ended in an entirely different one... but to ur pt on direction, i did get some like minded comments on how underutilized the cam was in this movie. so there. ud know better coming from ur background i guess, but rock on left an untechnical but very real 'great' feeling behind for me :)