Monday, September 15, 2008

Surprise is what you feel when ...

One fine day your body gets tired of how much you've been ignoring its silent protests and decides to teach you a lesson through more tangible (hence painful) signals and as a result you cannot do anything BUT slow down.

As you walk down the road in a foreign country, you hear remarks that you thought could only be directed to a woman in your own country and had long relegated to non existent, given how pampered your current country of residence has made you. And you still find it in you to turn around and give your fiercest, nastiest glare to the assholes in question. (Doesn't help. Makes me feel better. EOM)

Your mind finds the ability to accommodate the wishes of another, contrary to your own notions of how stubborn you are/ were. Grace with giving in never comes easily to people who have had their way most of the time, but when it starts knocking at the door, politely asking to be let in.... that's something!

That place in your heart where bad things - rage, disappointment and even the intent to inflict pain - once resided, seems to have shrunk. In its place you find instead, the ability to forgive and forget. Wonderment indeed!

Sometimes, your mouth makes sense even before your mind does. And you realize that the same pattern exists between your fingers and your mind. And you always thought (!) you were a fast thinker. Sigh.

Age old insights are proven true. Again and again. And again. Like how giving feels awesomer than receiving. Like how doing good begets good things. Like how everything absolutely and completely happens for the very best. Like how if you give people the chance, they will show you the very best within them. And then some more.


Penguin said...

Sometimes, when you're super tired, your hands and mouth take over, and because they've been trained so well by your mind in the past, they stun you with their speed and brilliance. In the end, it's actually the mind that has done that, so :-)

Hope you're having a good trip - and if any man in KL leches at you, I suggest you let out a few choice words and then aim an umbrella you-know-where.

unpredictable said...

Ah like that!!! Ok point taken on my super fast chacha choudhury like mind.

I don't have umbrella, alas. What to do say?