Friday, September 12, 2008


Haven't seen the face of this blog for a while now (come to think of it, haven't seen *that* one either. Or *that* one. Alas. But also hurrah! :D) Have been at work a LOT, socializing a BIT, and sometimes nursing a sore hand/ shoulder. Eyes have suddenly gone red from an allergy, and are now kohl-less and rendering the face pale and sickly looking. People who see me everyday ask if I've been crying. If all is ok.

Err. All is very good indeed! It's just a phase where time's passing me by and things are getting done at work and outside, but the time to sit and reflect has just not stopped by. Also my kohl-less eyes are not exactly a sight for sore eyes. (bwahaha!)

What's weird is, through a time that would've normally sucked the energy and happiness right out of me, I'm making jokes and laughing it all off. (bad jokes still qualify as jokes. Cause I say so. Ok?) When did I develop a sense of humor for torture, say?

In other brilliant news, a bird erstwhile thought to have flown the nest might be flying right back. Other important things and stuff are coming up. A very very good friend's wedding to attend. AND some ultra cool projects at work. Life will be wonderful again. Yay!!!


Penguin said...

Now you're only tempting me to check on *that* one and see if by any chance you'll let people in. Gah!
And... you're going for the wedding? Didn't know that man!

unpredictable said...

1. Dont bother. :)
2. Which wedding? you're confusing me also now!

Anonymous said...

remember my advice about the kiss of love? OK. So that's that.

- the khush one.

unpredictable said...

khush? yelling kiss of love dusnt do much. giuv proper advice no?