Thursday, September 25, 2008


You're just thinking to yourself how you're bored of the music you listen to when out of the blue, on some random TV series you hear a song you LOVE and haven't heard in 2 years. And almost as if quenching extreme thirst you dive into your music collection and dig it out from somewhere on your computer, sitting back and going *SIGH* once familiar tunes begin to play .... Finding Luka Chuppi from RDB was like that. How come no website has the lyrics after the words run out and the Ni Sa Ni portion starts? I can't sing along without learning that. :(

The simplest things bring the most happiness.


Fresh herbs - mint, basil, coriander.

The internet - esp. when practically all of your closest friends live far away from you. Read - another country. (And no I don't mean Malaysia.)

And consequently Skype, Google talk et al.

The knowledge that *some* of them will not be as far sometime from now.

Finding the right gift for someone. (Uncrackable for me. No Penguin, yours doesn't come close)

The reassurance that *certain* inspiring people will stay in the organization for a long time.

Being able to say what you wanted to say exactly the way you wanted someone to hear it.

The smile on the face of a usually grumpy friend who reserves his smiles for occassions that you binge on unhealthy food and lessen his guilt at having done the same. You know who you are. :D

The stranger who smiled back at you on the bus.

The lady at the parlor who in the midst of plucking your eyebrows asks why you're smiling so much (making you smile even wider coz there's really no reason at all).

The colleague who enquires about why you look so cheered up while leaving work at 9 pm and all you can tell him is "I'm going to cook something cool today! :D" and see the flabbergasted look on his face.

How your kitchen smells after. Comforting and yummy.

Being able to sleep 10 hours straight. And feeling well rested thereafter.

No matter how much you try to keep someone happy, no matter how you invest every ounce of energy into doing the things you thought would keep them from worrying, you realize, all too late that being worried is simply second nature to them.
That for once, it's not about you. It's about them.


You have so much going on inside your head, that you want to put down 3 posts in one evening. Will you, or won't you?


Quirky Quill said...

:) I was listening to luka chhupi yday! brilliant composition.

Penguin said...

Are you saying the gift you're giving me is not the right gift for me??? What? *Confused look on face - not necessarily from reading your post, but also mildly from drunkenness*