Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How mistaken is ....

The notion of work life balance - which by its very definition implies work is separated from life and that there needs to be a balance between the two. Whereas you could actually love doing something so much that doing it gives you happiness that blurs the lines between work and life and all you see is one large activity system - namely life

The notion of being a good boss - which carries baggage such as expected perfection and knowing the answers to everything. When in reality it's easier to connect with and feel confident around someone who has as many questions as answers, and thereby is learning just like you are, and hence feels like he inhabits the same planet that you do. Someone who can make mistakes and sometimes go "Oh really? I didn't know that."

The notion of picture perfect relationships - where mutual respect and fondness need to be spoken in a language of mutual admiration and glossing over flaws. When in reality, nothing can come close to personifying security as 2 people who can make references to apparent flaws inherent in the other without flinching.

The notion of being a couple - where togetherness is taken so literally as to turn the best of individuals into one entity, very akin to siamese twins. When in reality, nothing is more admirable than 2 individuals who can share a life without having to do everything together; who can RSVP to spur of the moment drinks invitations without having to consult with the other, can pursue creative interests regardless of whether the other participates or partakes or not. Who can be as much at peace with the idea of *me* as with the idea of *us*.

The notion of faith - where how much you believe (and consequently how much you'll get blessed) is measured by how many trips you made to your designated place of worship or how many rituals you followed post a bath (on non menstruating days, no less). When in reality, being a good person (involving NOT killing someone who prays at a differently constructed structure, or thinking lowly of them) to those around and trying to up the *happy* quotient of the universe is likely to bring up your own *happy* quotient.


Prasad said...

You've hit the nail with all the points! totally agree.

unpredictable said...

prasad: :)

Nirav said...

Really well written!

Landed here through some other blog, but completely agree with you on all points, except maybe the first one.

First, its actually a pipe-dream scenario to earn your living out of doing something you actually really love doing! And secondly, even in that case you need time off from your work. Even a Sachin Tendulkar or an Amitabh Bachchan (both of whom I presume are in professions which they really love) need their breaks!

unpredictable said...

Nirav: Dood! You're from IIMB!!!

Oh also thanks for ur comment and yes with you on the WLB piece. I asked that qn myself when I 1st encountered that theory, but honestly, taking an occasional break is very different from waiting to run out of *work* to whatever it is that *life* is holding for you every evening. know what i mean?

Thanks for dropping by :)