Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whiny Ms. Tic..

Currently has the least right to whine about anything at all.

But is crabby and tired. Is overeating over and above her usual quota and hasn't run in 10 days. N says metabolism won't be as forgiving in a matter of a few months and he's right. Fat is starting to say hello. Quite rudely at that.

Is missing having the Penguin in town and dreading having her leave for good for another city. Is at a loss as to how to make up for the loss. Cannot say this to the Penguin's face since has strong streak of stupid pride that holds back from expressing affection with those who matter most. Is quite stupid like that. (The penguin reads this. Yes she does.) Is hoping the penguin will just never bring this up in person and pretend it was never written.

Misses Mb muchly, but is happy about the general direction that things are taking. Hasn't replied to one very imp mail yet but is hoping actions speak louder than words.

Is exhausted. Too exhausted to cook. Or even go over to N's place to talk. Just slumps into bed and watches mindless TV and sleeps early and wakes up late. Is just so tired from all that travel last week. Good week. But tiring week. And this one, despite no travel, isn't being kind either.

Is very close to losing the sparkle in her eye and the happiness in her smile. For this week anyway. Later will surely be better. Always is.


Albatross said...

Perk up, Unpred. Show us that zillion dollar radiant smile...go for it! :-D

Hey Penguin, where you headed off? Cooler climes? :-D (OK, bad one) Perhaps i'l ask 'a. (OK, even worse).

unpredictable said...

Albatross: Thanks for ur vote of cheer! :)

I'll let the Penguin deal with the bad jokes herself.

Penguin said...

Albatross - I mailed you, since I am supposed to be ignoring this post :-)

Albatross said...

Thanks Penguin....I've buzzed you back, since you're supposed to be ignoring this post.

As for the bad jokes, the alaska one is not as ap-palin' as this one.

Sarah sentence funny hai. :-D