Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh yayyy!!

I just got my 1st ever personal credit card. After yearssss of persuasion from friends, after not being eligible with my 1st year salary and all that, I finally have it!! A CREDIT CARD!!! Oh yeah!!

Oh oh! I can collect miles on this! N is the best credit card advice giver EVER!!! :D

*Mogambo - pls note. Adequate pride is came I hope*


Fork Spoon Knife said...

You are kidding right??????!!!!!

Kusum Rohra said...

Girl you have no idea what you have gotten into.Credit cards is devil's idea of world demolition!!

Anonymous said...

*silent tears of joy and pride roll down Mogambo's cheek..*
What is the APR ya? Limit? Which one? Tell all.
This and then that other thingamajiggyohgetjiggywithit you told me this morning. Raptures, raptures.


unpredictable said...

FSK: I am not. I functioned on debit cards for almost 5 years.

Kusum: Eh no. I'm kanjoos like that :D

Mogambo: I'll tell more later.
*Hands you kerchief to wipe tears*
After stippid lame threats I was given on the thingamajiggyohgethiggywithit, I had no bleddy choice. Fully nonsense that you support behaviour like that and applaud it even. Bah. Whatever happened to standing by one of your own kind?

srikant said...

and to think i almost didnt read this post and missed out on the praise :)