Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 things to say to 10 people...

Ref this tag from way back ... I'm pained and frustrated today and want to say things to people, but cannot to their face. So here is where I'll vent. Not fully but. Somewhat only.

1. I want clarity not confusion. I want trust. I really wish you'd just let me be sometimes. ARGH!!!

2. I know you think what you're doing is noble. I don't think you see, however, how all of this affects someone who matters to you. You won't. He's stoic beyond your wildest dreams.

3. I lacked intent with you. I'm sorry about that. I started to get angry, and I'd have been more disappointed about how things went if it hadn't been for this realization that came to me suddenly last week. Hope things are better soon.

4. It's the one rule of playing your role that you can NEVER violate. And you've done just that. I just hope the next one year passes without event. Else I won't ever forgive you.

5. Not one of our vacations gave us the chance that one evening gave us. In so many ways I was happy I moved out of your daily life when I did. I'm worried sick about you sometimes, but you have her now, and for that I'm glad.

6. Things will work out. They have to. Bad things cannot happen to good people. Def not to wonderful, incredible, magical people like you. *Hugs*

7. I promise to make this as easy as possible to deal with. I do. But you made me question how tall I am. How can I ever forgive that?

8. I don't get how your response to the question could've been as non committal as it was. Such a let down coming from you guys of all people. How to place trust in people now?

9. It is me or is it you? How will I ever know?

10. Ah finally you get what you deserve. Congratulations indeed. :)


Penguin said...

Thanks man. This really made my day. Really.

srikant said...

In your next post can you list down the 10 names in no particular order to whom you said the 10 things. I'll do 'match the columns'

unpredictable said...

Penguin: :) good.

Srikant: Uh. NO.