Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ettanother tag!!!

I loved this tag by Chandni .. and so shamelessly as ever, am going to take it on although she didn't tag me (alas). Just as long as the hand lets me do this without scowling. After that, normal programming shall only resume tomorrow. To cc paste from Chandni, "It's going to be all about me and very personal, so feel free to skip!"

Else ...

Read on!

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now ( don’t take names)

- Please remember, you'll never be "average" just cause you put yourself through some inane rituals - not to the people who matter anyway. The rest can just go to hell no?

- Getting to know another person is usually a slow painful process that cannot proceed without adequate motivation. And it's happened SO easily with you. Amidst so much laughter, hope and wit. You know more of me in this little time than even my oldEST friends do. You make being "unpredictable" a tad impossible with how perceptive you are. And after all that, all that can be said is *sigh*. Much alas no?

- You're the only person who fondly addresses me by the 1st 2 letters of my name. You're one of the reasons my favorite city is my favorite city. I know i'm impatient and short with you for being the sentimental fool that you sometimes (ok, most times!) are. For putting up with that and much more - THANKS! (())

- Sometimes, I can't believe all of the above (and some more) awesome people entered my life in some way or the other through you. But it's true. They say people enter and leave our lives for a reason. Should I officially conclude that I know yours?

- I know you think you're harsh and a "bitch" sometimes. I also know, however, how much you care. You make it worthwhile coming back to this city after the loveliest vacations which earlier filled me with dread of coming back to an empty house. Now I have you. :-)

- We've come so far in the last 2 years. So much has happened in both lives ...so many changes for the better. I may not come to you with every detail and problem in my life, but I need you to know, i'm really glad you're around.

- The only thing I apparently said (repeatedly so) in my "happy" state at Cambodia was how sorry I was to be putting you through the guilt and the disappointment that I am now. I really am sorry. Please remember to never take guilt upon yourself- they're my choices and i'll deal with the consequences myself.

- I know how u look up to me. Amidst all that awe and respect, I do hope you also love me.

- I owe pretty much all of what I am professionally to you. You left big big shoes for me to fill and most days I'm just left wondering why I can't do as good a job as you did. Gah!

- How could you "hate" me over something as trivial as your cited reasons?
For so long, I felt terrible and wondered what I did wrong. And when i found out, I almost laughed cause it was just so sad. I feel really bad for you and for what regret at your choices has turned you into. And still hope you can find happiness somehow, somewhere.


The rest for another day .. Ms Hand needs rest for now .. Tagging Quirkyquill, Vish and Potpourri to do this one :-) until tomorrow, ta! everyone :-)


Penguin said...

Considering you did NOT tag me for interesting things like this, I am hurrat.

unpredictable said...

Iddit - i did tht coz u asked me not to. ASS! Ok over phone today, we shall do test where u guess which one is who ok? Nayak got 80% right and someone else got a whopping 100% right. I'm expecting you to do 100 too :)

Penguin said...

Oh God, what pressure!!!! Please don't put hiiigh expectations like this ya. Sigg.

Penguin said...

Oh God, what pressure!!!! Please don't put hiiigh expectations like this ya. Sigg.

Anonymous said...

iagree this is a long tag..waiting for the rest nevertheless!

Nutan said...

Couldn't manage the tags :(. Wrote something else instead!

unpredictable said...

penguin: u did it no? 100% u got. wat a!

Churningthewordmill: Thanks mandira .. slow and steady is my mantra :) Keep visiting!

Nutan: I loved what u wrote woman!!! Awesome it is !!!