Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Click count ..

A friend mentioned to me once that he believes every person has an average "click" count of 10 in a single lifetime - i.e. in a lifetime there's likely 10 people that we will bump into, that we'll beautifully "click" with. (He told me he'd met 4 of his 10 and hadn't ended up with them for a variety of reasons ...)

Obviously and understandably, it can't / doesn't have to translate into something with every single person, for all you know, you won't even end up meeting some of them, but it's still a concept I found rather fascinating.

So, here's my quota of curiosity for the day.

What's your "click" count so far?

I'm not asking you to take names, dates or cite the outcomes of those clicks. So just be honest with the count, ok? Oh and feel free to provide more details if you WANT to. We all enjoy a good story no? :-)

Edited to add: Gah people!!! I didn't know this one could get SO tricky to define. So i'm clarifying. I specified "romantic" or "almost romantic" clicks cause outside of those, we'd really lose count!!! Not cause I don't think they're worthwhile clicks, just cause I think you'd be able to count the "romantic" ones a lot easier!!! That's all!! If you remember both, put them in! There's no word limit on the comments section on my blog!!! :D


Penguin said...

Ayyo, whattay difficult question!! Does brilliant fun had during pointless flirting count as "click"? What else counts as "click"? Tell tell!
PS - What's your count??

unpredictable said...

Gah! woman, my defn of click is when u get such conversational brilliance with someone that it's inspiring enough to maybe consider a life with them ... but that's coz conversation is pretty much my bottom line ... so define urs as per ur own bottom line ok?

p.s: My count is .. realistically 1 ... extremely optimistically 4 ... shall explain more when we meet ?

Penguin said...

I am hoping I'm one of those 4. But seriously, why does "click" have to only need to result in considering a life with them?? Why can't it be wanting to make very wonderful franship with them, say?

nutty said...

I agree with penguin!! why consider only life-long louu?!

ok! ok! If only romantic clicking is allowed then I would say 2... mebbe 2.5 (is that allowed?)

If non-romantics clicks are allowed .. o dear!! I might just have crossed my assigned quota :P what can I say?! I'm extremely clickable :) click! click! alright! its 6 .. at least...

I'm still unclear on the judgment criteria tho ..

Shoonyata said...

Ooops mine has crossed 10 :) so not much life left??? well maybe as I am old alreday, it is true :)

agree with penguin! I am living with one of the clicks..but have met some after that and enjoy brilliant friendships.

Anonymous said...

I am confused...is this in reference to only romance or otherwise as well?

- chandni

unpredictable said...

Penguin, Nutty, Shoonyata and Chandni: All you wonderful awesome people who even tried this one, i've edited post to answer ur qn ok? Thanks! Now post real answers!!!

Shoonyata said...

"Real" answer..truth and nothing but the truth:

Roman(tic): before & after, all put together: 4 (I have long way to go:))

Wouldnt mind being marooned in an island for life with: 6 (some of the earlier 4 doesnt qualify, count includes same gender as well)

unpredictable said...

Shoonyata: Candid indeed :) You answered everything that was asked, and wasn't as well!

churningthewordmill said...

i am kinda confused as well.. i get along fabulously with loads of ppl.. so do ALL of them count?