Thursday, March 27, 2008

Long time no see no?

I really do want to write. But am unable to for the moment.

You know how sometimes, you're trying really hard to do this thing, and you know inside your mind and heart that you really want to be another place, doing something else? I have that feeling now.

It happens when I read these days. I used to have this voracious appetite for reading once upon a time, and now when I sit with a book, I'm haunted by this feeling that I'm not really doing anything useful, and so I shift to painting, talking on the phone, or cooking something.

Writing is kinda becoming like that.

Or is it just that my offline conversations are letting me say it all, which is why my thoughts online are devoid of content?

Did I come off sounding sad right there? I feel quite the opposite, really :-)

Oh well.


S said...

You sound pretty good actually. Take care of you.

nutty said...

haha! sounds like you really do have a lot more interesting stuff to do than blog!

you go gurl!

have fun!

unpredictable said...

S: Thanks ... I am .. are you?

Nutty: :) Unrelated note, the last comment on ur last post sent me into a hysterical bout of laughter ... the spirit and well "writtenness" of the post notwithstanding .. just thought id tell you ..

chandni said...

don't worry. It makes sense :)