Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's done ...

For months I've incessantly yapped about this play i'm asst directing and acting in.

Tonight, we screened our 3rd and last show. It's late in the night, so this post won't be long.

Just wanted to say that it went incredibly well. :-)

Especially the last show we staged this evening. After 2 shows of being applauded by the audience, but still thinking of scope to improve, today, in our last show, we finally got it to look the way we'd envisioned it and probably better :)

It was amazing!

My co actor and I would crib after every run about how this and that was 'off' in our story and finally, this time, we had our best most perfect run so far.

I feel so incredibly proud and happy and I'm warning you that for the next few days, if you run into me, this is likely ALL you'll hear me talk about. Sorry in advance!

To friends and colleagues who turned up - THANKS! It means so much when people you know and like are there to see something you've put together with tremendous effort. It was lovely having you there, and your words were music to our ears. We only hope you were being honest about how much you liked it :-)

Sigh. The thing now is, I'll miss weekends as they were, and I'll miss this supremely talented bunch of people I worked with for the last 7 months. It'll really be a pity if we don't do this again soon. But S, the director for this one is caught up with other commitments until December, and there's few people willing to start a production, so if something has to be done, it'll have to be started by yours truly. Time to wake up my snoring sense of dramatic initiative, perhaps?

Speaking of people who mean a lot, 3 people I'd loved to have had here with me most would be Mom and friends A and M. The video recording is a shoddy replacement for what you could actually have seen, but this is a world with distance and expensive airlines and limited leave - I get ALL that.

I still wish you were here to share this with me, though. Bah.

*Whine* *Pout* *Sulk*

Anyway, tomorrow's dinner with the team. About time we did something together outside of rehearsals! So very very excites is came! :D

Sleeping happy and proud tonight after an incoherent rambly gushy post. Phew. Good night!


S said...

Hey that's wonderful :) So glad it went well .. Yay for you!

unpredictable said...

S: Thanks :) thanks so much :)

~nm said...

Sounds so wonderful!

And I'm sure you all will find ways to make those weekends back to what they were, as you want them to be :)

So how do we see the video?

nutty said...


do we get a video link on youtube?

Penguin said...

So now that we can include you in our weekend plans, shall we have a game night??? :-)

Prasad said...

Cool hai...Congrats!


unpredictable said...

nm: :) It WAS wonderful! We haven't seen the video ourselves yet .. will wait to see how it turned out before putting up :) weekend plans are being made! :D

Nutty: Long time eh? Ref answer above for video link :)

Penguin: YES! YOU are my 1st priority now! And i miss board games and chai evenings !! Fastly let us :D

Prasad: Hi .. your friend Saravanan watched us too .. :) you can ask him for feedback :) thanks!

Preeti Sharma said...

Hi. Nothing like the sense of achievement when hard work gives way to perfection. Congratulations on the play and I enjoyed the enthusiasm with which you posted this.

nutty said...

yup! yup! I'm back from my 3 weeks annual vacation ... three blissful weeks at home :)

hey I'm still tagged by you on the food crisis thingy .. I haven't forgotten .. its coming up on my next post ...

Anonymous said...

oooh wow!! congratulations!!

unpredictable said...

Preeti, mandira: Thanks!

Nutty: you'd better!

Ramya said...

Hey, been reading your blog regularly but just too lazy to comment. ;-)

Just thought I'd chip in and say congrats on your play's success.:-)

unpredictable said...

Ramya: Whoa! My junior Ramya??? :) thanks so much for coming out of hiding! How are ya doing!

Monsieur K said...

hey, visiting this space a bit late. but nevertheless, good to know that ur play went well. u shud plan for a re-run in mumbai when u go on ur world tour. ;-)