Friday, June 06, 2008

Your cup overfloweth...

at my expense ...

I'm all for everyone getting their share of time/ attention and blah.

Really, I am.

But when we've been preparing for 2 weeks for a 3 hour training as a group of THREE trainers, and I'm slotted to be the 3rd and LAST, kindly draft your own portion keeping in mind that I put in time and energy (just like you did, I'm sure) to get this done by TODAY, with the same level of CONTENT RICHNESS (as you did) amidst my OTHER DEADLINES (yes, you have them too, so you know what I mean) and hence understand that when you exceed your quota for whatever reasons, and I miss my turn to speak, it's extremely frustrating, to say the least.

We've all overshot our share of time in the past, but experience teaches us to cut down some slides and manage it all so we don't eat into somebody else's time no? I wish that as a generation we could understand the fine line between saying everything we'd like to say and everything that absolutely needs to be said.

Know what I mean?

Thankfully I still went and caught the Sex and the City movie last evening after work instead of sitting home to refine my portion of the presentation. Must thank the Penguin for making me go.

I loved the movie as I love the series.

My favorite part was where Carrie reaches Miranda's place 2 seconds before midnight on New Year's eve and pants "You're not alone!" ... The movie may have finally given the men their due, but for me it was still about the women. Hence the loving.

FYI, I know it's becoming fashionable for men to pooh pooh this movie just as most of us like pooh poohing Ekta Kapoor's productions. Which brings me to the disease of presumption which exists even among the most evolved of us. This time it's men, but that's not to say women aren't guilty of it as well. A worthwhile trend to fight, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

so you caught the movie?cool.. i hvnt seen it as yet..
btw, ekta kapoor's serials are soooo worth poohing!!cant stand them!

unpredictable said...

:) I'm agreeing with you .. I am .. just that I've been exposed to enough of them to want to hate them ... it makes me presumptuous enough to say however that anything with dressed up women playing traditional family roles would give me a head ache... not fair no?

Ramya said...

@Unpred: Yeah, your junior Ramya. :p Would have come out of the woodwork long ago, if only I wasnt so lazy that typing a comment was a task!

Oh, and Sex and the City....after pooh-poohing it for years, I recently decided that maybe I should see it first before I judge it. ;-)

Ramya said...

Uhm, so sorry for the '@Unpred', which sounds like I'm addressing you on my blog! Inadverent mistake. Gah!

unpredictable said...

Ramya: hehe... issok so long as u don't take my real name here... glad something took the lazy bumness out of you!

nutty said...

I know exactly what you mean about over shooting time :P Oh! I've definitely been there!

I'm probably going to catch SATC tomorrow .. Loved the series and I hope the movie is at least half as good!

About the Ekta Kapoor serials... will confess I started watching them when they first started all those years and generations ago! But honestly I never cud digest them :P and nowadays it seems like she makes an effort to live up to her reputation so I don't min pooh-poohing them all!

As for pooh-pooh'ing SATC ... C'mon! We all know it's a chick flick ... you didn't seriously expect anything else from it now did you?!

too long a comment? sry!

unpredictable said...

Nutty: Hello! You'll like the movie, I found it non chick flickish really ... I'd assumed it would be what everyone assumed it would... but despite so much fashion and some corny "i'll wait for true love" type lines, this is a decent enough movie.