Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going nuts...

is a word which now reminds me of pine nuts and basil paste in olive oil (yes that's the incredible smelling concoction they call pesto sauce)... indicating exactly how food obsessed I've become. Not so much with the eating as with the cooking. Every evening (Yes, you heard right) I spend 15 minutes browsing through the supermarket picking up exotic veggies (Zucchinis are my latest obsession) to take home and cook exotic dishes with.

I've cooked 3 types of risotto, 1 from scratch pasta with rosemary and parsley and such items in the last 1 or 2 weeks. Tonight I'm planning on making this Zucchini + Tomato + Potato something in sweet sour gravy to be eaten with rice (hopefully plain, coz after a 2 km run and shower and all that chopping, cooking anymore will be a bit too much I think).

So yes, I'm letting you all know I've gone completely nuts. And not in a good way. My mother might be proud if I tell her though. Who knows.

Also, I really want to write, but work's being a bit of a bummer right now (in a nice way, if you can imagine such a thing. I'm rediscovering my fire at work, so to speak) and between sitting at my desk, reminding myself to sit straight and "lock my neck" (physio's instructions) and spending more than fair share time surrounded by food (at home, outside, everywhere thanks to aforementioned obsession), I'm not really rich on time to write the things that currently threaten to spill out of my little brain.

Also N's left on his annual vacation to exotic European destinations (k fine! they're not that exotic. But Europe is Europe no?) and I'm sitting here fantasizing about my upcoming 2 week break on the West Coast of the You. Es. Yay. Sigh. But I get to laugh at him once he's back coz his vacation will be over and mine won't even have begun! HAH!

K. Bai. Another deadline looms over my head. Bah. The zucchini *must* wait (and its image must really stop making those little circles around my head trying to entice).

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