Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I resolve to....

Remember this?

Just checking on how we're doing so far...

CHECK! Play staged and details posted here

Cambodia/ Malaysia - CHECK.
Sundry others on work + 1 wedding in Madras - CHECK.
West Coast USA - I leave next week :D Praying that my trip goes well and here's the anti jinx kala tikka to ward off the evil evil eye/s!

I have to admit this was put on hold because play practice took up weekends. I'm getting back this weekend. Miss the kids.

A late start, but a start nevertheless. I made Gojju last evening, finally! :D (AR called it the best dinner he's had in Singapore so far. Just saying! :D)

More coming up in the next few months .. koftas next, I think :D

I've found an unsuspecting friend who also wishes to learn, but starting next year, so will put this off until then. Instead - I'm going to paint atleast 3 objects to give away as gifts this year. (aside from these).

Aren't you proud of me? I AM! :D


nutty said...

hehehehe! gujjob!!

so you're headed to the West Coast in a week!! LA? Vegas? Grand Canyon? Bay area?

Well here's hoping you have a great time! Say hi from me to common pplz we know :D :P

Lookin fwd to the post describing all the fun things you going to do :D

PS - apologies on my last-est post .. stmt has been duly corrected :D

unpredictable said...

Nutty: Thanku thanku! Es i'm headed for the West coast .. through NY coz im spending the birthday with some friends and the Penguin hasn't seen NY .. but mostly SFO + LA ... thanks for ur wishes and I shall say hi :)

Will keep putting up pics et al in the 2nd week of travel when I have access to a laptop .. and yes I saw ur corrected stmt ... am yet to read ur short stories though .. chal lemme go do that! :)


liked your blog.have to come back and read the older posts too.
keep posting.
me too blog.
do visit..

unpredictable said...

man in painting: thanks! ur succint, arent you? :)

chandni said...

wah wah...that dish looks delicious!

hope u have a great trip

unpredictable said...

Chandni: It was so yummy! Kabhi ghar aana .. khilaati hoon ... thanks! We will have fun :D