Thursday, January 24, 2008

Right .. so an eventful start to the year ...

Indeed it has been. In more ways than can be described. Not that that's ever stopped me eh? So here's what the year's looking like .. so far and now on ...

- Drama: (No, not the kind I'm an expert at! The REAL thing! Theatre and all!!) The last play production I worked on was in engineering college and ever since although the intent's been around, initiative just never overtook my lethargy.

I remember thinking at the end of last year that new things need to happen in life, beyond the singing and blogging and cooking .. and Voila! an opportunity to asst direct an independent production comes knocking at my door (my inbox is more like it - but I live in a virtual world and it's all the same to me!) :-)

I won't get into details of the how and why and when, suffice to say that 6 hours every Saturday and Sunday are now spent at drama rehearsals and the medley of short stories goes on stage end May 2008.
(Did i just jinx this myself? Do i believe in the concept of jinxes? Wh00 knows!)

If you're in town, you shall be invited. Pls to grace with kind presence! :) (Or not! :D)

- Storytelling: This one continues from last year. Seriously, reading stories to 4 - 6 year olds at the Library is the best stress-buster there ever was. :-) For those of you with kids in the age range, do land up on Saturdays at the kids' reading section at half past midday if the kiddos are game for a fun story session :-)

The most exciting start to the storytelling this year was a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that the library gifted me for being a wonderphool volunteer and storyteller :D
(Pls note: They have many many volunteers and I go twice a month when they ask me to turn up for English reading. Do NOT walk up to the storyteller and ask if she's Ms. Unpredictable. It doesn't sound particularly flattering esp if being enigmatic and complex isn't appealing to the lady in question)

On special request from Mogambo, the jigsaw puzzle shall be saved until her wedding in March when the 4some (Mogambo the bride, Superman the groom, PuppyManohar the best man, and Unpredictable the err ... best woman :P) will solve it together and gift to the newlywed couple :-)

Who would've thought reading to 4 yr olds at a library could end up in so much unrelated fun :D

- Travel: One mini trip in Feb to Malaysia and Cambodia with the b-school gang, something we've had planned for about 2 months now. Another to the West Coast of the You Yes Yay later this year (in keeping with the 'one big trip a year' tradition, and with the kind grace of my one year visa which expires this October!) and sundry others back home and on work ... varrry exciting no? :-)

- Spanish: I've been promising myself this 'one new language' thing for a while now. After mild deliberation and alternately swinging between French and Spanish, I let Wikipedia decide for me and hence the most populous language it shall be!

This language thing gets relegated to the 2nd half of this year though, there's WAY too much happening right now. I'm barely managing to sleep and meet friends over weekends and anymore will be overkill! But someone chase me for this in June ok? (wat a hopeful indeed!)

- Cooking: I've promised to learn one new recipe, one for each of 10 major Indian states. So there's Avial from Kerala, Gojju from Karnataka, Undhiyon from Gujarat, Sabudana Khichdi from Maharashtra, Koftas from Kashmir .... emmm .. someone help with the rest?

(Wat an enthu pataaki no!!)

So that's the 5 biggies for the year. Not so much resolutions, more like things to remember this year by. I'm going to hold myself to them, if nothing else, the impending shame at breaking a public commitment will ensure i follow through with them all! :)

And on a related note, something that captures the essence of what I want this year, and every subsequent year to be is this post by Chandni, more so cause it articulates exactly what's been running through my mind for some months now. (Chandni, I don't know how or where you found this, but I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!!! It's like he took the words right out of my mouth!)

And while I'm indulging in self-rant anyway, here's a post dedicated to your's truly in response to my question "What does 'Alas but hurrah' mean?" to an earlier post on the same blog.
Talented bunch of boys, aren't these? :-) If randomness is your thing, then this blog is IT.

Tata my lovelies! Good night and sleep well and in case I haven't said this already, have a wonderful new year!!! :)


Anonymous said...

"and sundry others back home and on work ... varrry exciting no?:-)"

You put the March trip under sundry others? *mopes*

unpredictable said...

My lou Mbo, did u notice the full para footage i gave off to yuvar wedding? And u crib about this? Like really, ur not my gf yet and this i have to deal with. Wat a bad!

Anonymous said...

:( be nice to me i'm sick.

Penguin said...

Seeing the lou that is sooo obvious between the two of you, I'm going to retire into the background and leave you two to each other. Sigg. I feel like Sanjay Dutt in Saajan. I hate.

~nm said...

Whoopie!! What a start. Rather what a wonderful start!! Have tonnes of fun and sprinkle such wonderful travel times luck on us too :P

Prasad said...

Wow! My envies to you. I acted in a play recently, and although I was the hero, the girl went with the side hero. that was devastating, to say the least. (especially because this critical change was only made to accomodate one dialogue!)

One resolution you can make about singing is to learn 4-5 fav songs completely and render them to perfection. I keep telling myself to do that, but it's still on my to-do list.


Anonymous said...

My interests are so similar to yours!!!

Haven't gone back to theatre after college but kep thinking about it...want to finally learn how to drive etc etc....

as for the quote, just get the book...its totally worth it with a lot of other aha moments!

Its called "notes to myself" by Hugh Prather!

gunj said...

learn to make pindi chole too....i dnt knw which state they r from but trust me they r yummm :)
nice post!

dushyanth said...

u were in some play in IIMB right??
plus u did handle drama for Unmaad '05 - so not that bad :-)
btw danced on stage for the first time on monday - shall bring video on trip - awesome fun!

unpredictable said...

Penguin: There needs to be no choice here. Unlike other situations, I *can* have one long distance and one within city limits fling .. one for each of you wonderful women ... no need for you to exit ya ! :D

Nm: Thanks :)

Prasad: Oh well, that's kinda done given i listen to every song I like until i know the rise and fall of every tune (vocal AND instrumental) to the T... my favorites tho would be 1. O saathi re (omkaara) 2. Zombie and 3. Linger (the Cranberries) and 4. Rahein na Rahein hum .. an old Lata song ... :)

Chandni: Thanks! I had no idea this was the book, it's famoos!!! :D

Gunj: Hey thanks for tht .. ill add it in .. Punjab i think ..

Dush: Oh yeah .. but i didnt direct, i did logistics .. and the other slated to be my acting debut one never quite went through no? So my last directorial venture was in engineering college :) Man im looking fwd to this trip like mad! :)

Candid Confessions said...

Story telling! That sounds so funn!! Inspire me to do it!

unpredictable said...

CC: :-) I would if I knew who you were :) I see you found me through nutty or somewhere over the rainbow Thanks for dropping by :)

Tudee said...

Like you top five...goodluck for the year ahead..
Regarding recipes and cooking... what about something from the East (Bengal?- youhv some lovely veggie recipes there...assure you..)..andhra, Punjab, rajasthan?

will look forward to you posting all the recipes ..:)

unpredictable said...

2D: Thanks :) You tell me .. what should I cook from Bengal? :)