Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anybody there?

Hello anybody who's been visiting and the subset that's wondered where I've disappeared. I'm only here to say
a. there's way too much been happening and it's left me with seriously little time (sometimes inclination, I admit) to blog.
b. Work is 'hecticish' and even as I type I'm in a terrible serviced apartment in Manila just having gotten back from work.
c. The hand issue is back to bite me. I've been type chatting way too much and lugging around heavy suitcases (Did I mention Manila?) and so my right hand is begging for mercy .. serious begging .. so I'm being merciful for now ..

Normal blogging will resume in 3 days or less. Take care and ta! till then :)


Anonymous said...

hey! keep updating...loved ur last post :D
and how are you? happy new year!

- http://chandni.wordpress.com

Penguin said...

Use the damned trolleys, woman!!! GAH!

unpredictable said...

chandni: Heya .. wish you the same my dear! :) Thanks .. will start to write soon as hand gets better ..

Penguin: I knew ud thittufy me :(

S said...

yeah, was wondering what happened to you .. take care,you. feel better.

@ said...

Yes - i was getting bored of doing the same thing twice a day - open IE, click on favorites, blogs and then Mystic Pizza ofcrs!!
take care of your hand girl!

~nm said...

Come back soon!! Waiting to hear about your escapades!!