Monday, January 28, 2008

I love ...

- Mornings that start with music of the best kind ... read "Kholo Kholo" from Taare Zameen Par and "Sakhi Piya" from Khoya Khoya Chand ... no one in the bus can figure out what mad person would grin SO much on a Monday morning en route to work .. :-)

- Early morning dreams that tell me my life will turn out exactly the way I wish it to ... I lou!!! They're hilarious in their own way because of the impossible scenarios they make true, but that's probably why I love them so! :D

- Playing song games with Penguin and IceCreamBoy. No really. It's too much fun. I give them random words they need to contain in songs, "Antaras" sans the tune and they need to compete to figure out the song, I play the starting 15 s of songs from the last 4 decades and they have to guess which one it is ... the more arcane, the better the competition gets ... I spent the weekend at Penguin's place cause it was too depressing to work alone at home, and seriously I had so much fun playing in breaks and getting pampered by them both - chai at my desk, inspirational DJing by IB and amazing homemade breakfast that Penguin cooks up. I love these guys!!!

- Discovering interesting people across the world. Like last night I read this post Chandni wrote about herself way back, and realized this woman's like a twin living in another part of the world... I even have little silly quirks that are the same as hers! And after 6 months of reading Ganju's blog, I discovered he's my senior from B School! That the MadMomma is a friend of a friend! I love love love that the world is so small, and the blogworld that let's me discover exactly how small :-)

- This blog. :-) Getting back to writing is the best gift I gave myself last year. That and the promise to travel and cook and read and more. And the chance to talk about all of it. The most wonderful thing about blogging is something I described to a friend, about how this growing courage to speak up online slowly seeps into real life too. Being a braver person and less afraid of judgment is fulla awesome! Who wouldn't love? :D Oh, let's not forget the awesome people I've gotten to know through this medium. Years from now, I'll cite this as the thing that brought about the turning point in life in many ways. But years from now. Not now :)

- My amma. I'm putting her through the worst kind of pain right now and giving her sleepless nights worrying about my future .. all this for reasons beyond my control. I wish I knew how to handle this any better. But I don't. I wish there was an easier way to let her know I understand what she's going through dealing with me and that I see no other way for it to be right now.

But she doesn't read this blog and I'm too proud to say it to her on the phone (when we do get time off from arguing with each other over the hot topic of the season - my marriage - more like the non occurrence of it) so she'll never know. She'll only continue to wonder how between a kind reasonable person like herself and my mild mannered father, they managed to produce the stubborn willful daughter that I am.

And coz I can't face her right now on a medium that doesn't let me hang up on will, I'll travel to India on work next month and avoid going home to Bombay. Sigh. Did I mention I love her?


nutty said...

I'm sure your mom knows you louus her! And I am saying so with such conviction because I'm hoping the same for me :)


Agree with you on the blogging too :)

Prasad said...

Beautiful pic! Which place is this?


unpredictable said...

Nutty: Ah well, as a common friend once told me, there's a collective consciousness of blogging women out there who pray their moms are spared the trauma ... :)

Prasad: That's New York, Central Park in fall ... 7th Nov 2007 :) My (in)famous trip rbbr? The colors are brilliant no?

Prasad said...

Yep, brilliant colors. Certainly brightens up your blog. ;)

unpredictable said...

Prasad: Emm .. are you saying my words aren't brightening enough? (quick, extract foot from mouth)

Prasad said...

Something bright could be made brighter too, no?

unpredictable said...

pr: FINE. get all logical on me!!!

Anonymous said...

:) I like this post!

btw I have a similar photo to your header from the time I was in NY

now keep the blog alive and feed it often :)

Lots of love!

shiv said...

:) virtual hug

louly post

unpredictable said...

Chandni: :) We discover more and more common stuff as the days go by ... we have to meet soon ..

Shiv: Thanks :) I decided to be brave and meet her for 2 days though ... i'm glad i did ..