Thursday, May 10, 2007

When i was 17 ..

Was a HUGE movie buff. Watched atleast 2 movies each week on Star Movies or HBO, which back then would air some gems amidst the usual trash. But I had the enthu to watch, even if not always the time. Friends and family assumed i was the avid muggoo sitting at home and studying relentlessly, when in fact i devoured movie after movie in breaks that were planned to be 30 mins long and extended as long as it took for the movie to be over!

Still rbbr tht the 1st thing i checked every morning in the Bombay times was the movie sked for the day. Would mentally mark off movies as must see, and plan my study sked accordingly, with enuff buffer to acco the movie :-) Yes im the planned devil incarnate, but i loved movies more than i loved anything else back then, even books!

And the interest kept my mind alive with remembering names, of movies, people who acted in them, famous lines, songs, even the crew! Had names of most actors and actresses on the tip of my tongue, and even after moving to IIMB, the incredible campus LAN gave access to an assorted collection of movies. As friends danced the night away downstairs every fortnight at the infamous L Squares, i sat in my room and devoured more movies! It was a herculean effort what with all the noise, having to shut windows and doors just to be able to hear the damn movie! But i did it anyway, even back then, names and stories were my forte... and sadly 2 yrs of working not only made me lose touch with TV and movie channels, but also numbed my memory for names and events.

Note to self: This is the time and the place to get back to the movie buff u once were! Go on, use that DVD rental facility well! :D


Monsieur K said...

after reading a couple of earlier posts, tumhaari life ekdam happening lag rahi thi. change in job role, new house, et al!
and then u complain abt not watching enuff movies.
sab waqt-waqt ki baat hai.
hope u get some more time to make use of DVD rentals (and its still tough for me to believe u havent seen 'Before Sunrise' & 'Before Sunset').

and i almost fell off my chair laughing to kind of draw a conclusion - "a would-be classical singer finally used her voice as a kids' story-teller" :D
to be honest, tht aint bad either ;-)

enjoy maadi!

Nutan said...

ok here is a list of movies which are must see!!!

1. Ten (iranian, mildly feminist, loved it)
2. Open you eyes (spanish, sci-fi and more)
3. Inside man (bank robbery, real good style, starts with a.r. rehman's chhayya chhayya)
4. American history X, its quiet old, but if u haven't seen it, its a must
5. Illusionist!!!
6. Finding Neverland---truly awesome

i will send more...

and ofcourse before sunset and before sunrise....

unpredictable said...

Hahah... apartment dhoondna is hardly a cool thing given how rental rates r rising! yes job and life r good ... so no complaints! :) jus want to get back to watching movies ya .. saw before sunrise last sunday morning .. will see before sunset today :)

hey im a wud be classical singer and kids storyteller rolled into one!!! multitasker to the core! :D

unpredictable said...

nuts!!! Thanksss.. ill devour every single one of them i promise ya!

vinod aslikar said...

....some good marathi movies:

(1) majha tussi tujha massi (marathi drama)

(2) kaay chalalay?? (marathi thriller)

(3) kassa aahes pinto? (marathi comedy)

(4) marathi manus (marathi political drama)

(5) tujha ki karte? (very deep philosophical movie)

Sharmili said...

well... just watch shrek 3, monster inc, finding nemo... brilliant animated movies... u can never stop loving them :))))))))

or go for romantic comedies... instant cheering up factor with happily ever after endings...

or the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S..

one question - nuts never watches movies w/o sub-titles is it ;)))))))))