Sunday, May 06, 2007

Naive, am I?

Someone recently told me im terribly naive. And it set me thinking, ME? The one who plans for worst case scenarios, is always prepared as far as possible, unless the plan is to be spontaneous and anticipates responses and situations before hand .. ME? Naive!??!

Now one could argue that it boils down to perspective whether one is naive or not. Cause end of the day, being naive is about knowing or feeling the presence of less negatives/ potential disasters in this world vs another person. And that makes it a relative notion. Still, that dialogue simply set me thinking on why someone would ever qualify me as naive. And here's wat i discovered ..

1. I've come across lesser evil in my tiny sheltered existence. More exposure to experiences increases net exposure to evil as well, and since my experiences were few my exposure to evil was equally rare.

2. I've always had more reason to trust people vs to doubt them. This is cause the people i picked to walk with me through life as friends or more were always good people. In retrospect i can attribute it either to having a good radar on people .. touchwood! or to just being plain blessed. But of course this is limited to when i could make those choices on picking people.

3. In cases where i couldnt really pick people (project mates in high school or b school, colleagues at work, close and extended family), its rare tht ive ever come away with my faith in the goodness of people completely shattered. And that can only be attributed to being blessed/ lucky.

4. I dont know what the future holds for me. I can safely assume my radar on people will continue to function just fine. Admittedly, I dont know if "choiceless" situations will still turn out fine, all i know is this little something that the Bible talks about ... "If God notices, values, and cares about a tiny sparrow, then how much more must God notice, value, and care about us!"

So with that optimistic thought, ill resign to being labelled naive, as the same someone told me, its not necessarily a bad thing!!! :-)

Naivette anyone?


SS said...

No, it's not a bad thing at all. Naivete and goodness are synonyms in a sense, wouldn't you say? :-)

SS said...
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cribbo said...
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Wanderer said...

it's all random :-)

Sharmili said...

never thot of u as naive... naivette is not so good a thing i believe so wudnt associate it with u...

tho vraj says i am naive.. but i feel he is wrong ;)

unpredictable said...

Its all relative i guess baccha, im naiver than some ppl, and others like u are naiver than i am :)