Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It'll pass ...

My antisocial phase, where there's zero intention to meet people. All id like to do is stay home in bed, read about serial killers indulging in cannibalistic rites (no less) and vacationing psychologists trying to find them amidst mutated spiders and snakes (I know!!! What is with me!) and then drift off to sleep under the influence of cough syrup, and possibly not have to wake up to an alarm.. or not wake up at all for some time.

My no work phase .. where i want to do nothing but stare out the window and think of NOTHING. No growing business (God- pls dont let any of my teammates/ bosses read this!), no solving problems, no analysis, no nothing. Meanwhile the world can pass me by, deadlines should jus finish themselves, people at Olay should assume ive left for Ariel and people on Ariel should assume im still on Olay (:DD - ill be darned if i ever find pull that off!).

My 'im a complete and ridiculous bore' phase: Where ive lost the spark of scintillating conversation, and im resorting to old stories to feel like an interesting person with an interesting life. Normally talking comes so easily, why the sudden block then? Normally i dont have to struggle to find amusing things to say, then why now the sudden temptation to be quiet? Maybe the pointed accusations of speaking too much in the recent and not so recent past are subliminally taking their toll. Or maybe, its that thing amma calls the evil eye (Evil grin :D) Damn damn the quiet people of the world who wish to drag me down with them!

So how? I'll wait for it to pass, like everything else does. Has.


Monsieur K said...

Take a break, go on a vacation, eat chocolate, "sleep well" :D
so many things to do!
hope all these phases pass soon enuff!

unpredictable said...

Hey Ketan!! :)

Thanks for the comment, im waiting for my closest frnd shamu to arrive in 2 weeks, we're doing a trip to one of the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world in Malaysia :D so jus waiting it out until then, apparently at 2 yrs in a job, and after tons of sedating cough syrup, its normal to feel like i do :)

Sharad Lal said...

Hey - this could me a "quarter life crisis"!!
Check out this link...a few symptoms might match :)

NNG said...

noting the comment about assignment change! :)

unpredictable said...

Lal: Yeah, checked. Sounds like it :) Phew, the relief of knowing im not alone! :D

NNG: Pls to read earlier posts and note how excited i am about the assignment change :) Seriously looking fwd to change and new stories on a new brand :) cya soon on the 20th floor!