Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Before any nincompoop asks, that's the sound of complete and utter frustration at how wrong things can go!!!

Tues Wed: Mr Mundra is supp to land up in Singapore to grant us a darshan of his pretty face, he loses his passport. And files an FIR to retrieve it. Oh and lets not forget, cancels his trip!

Thurs Fri: Ms Sharmili is supposed to join me and friends on the much awaited island getaway to Perhantian, Malaysia. 30 minutes before i board the bus to KL, we find out her ECNR isnt coming through and so NO visa happening at KL. She has to come straight to Singapore. ARRRGGHHH!! Yes yes, the point of the trip was meeting her and painting the town red. The point was being with each other after 4 months of a mere 6 hours spent together and before god knows how long considering she's about to start out on an MBA soon (oh and don't even get me started off on what the bloody degree does to perfectly normal people and their priorities) and yes i should be happy she's even landing.

But cmon! I deserve to be able to crib! Its been months since a vacation that i can indulge in the memories of (and happily so). The last was decent, Mumbai with family and friends, but u know how visiting home is never really a 'vacation'. The one before that .. and before that.. and before that ... oh im still trying to do an 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind' on those! And the one before was Unmaad 2006!! More than 14 months ago :( Im changing assignments soon, and this is the PERFECT time to take a break, when ive more or less wrapped up prior committments and am yet to take on new ones .. and a vacation wudve been SOOO perfect!!

Am heading out to a sinful dinner with BM to make up for the lousy lousy way things today, and this month and this year in general have turned out. Yes i have faith and all that jazz. Yes yes there's a silver lining somewhere, but right now the darkness of the clouds is just too much to let me see anything ok! So give the optimism a rest and let me crib. (where's kinks when i need a listener the most!, oh wait, he's in MALAYSIA on the same island we were supp to join him at!!!) URK URK URK URK URK and MORE URK!!!

Phew... ok to be perfectly honest, im totally kicked that she's even here tomorrow and im on leave another 5 days :DDDDD But let a woman indulge will ya? :-)


SS said...

Hey :) Have fun.

nutan said...

hows u babes?? enjoying with shamu already?..have lots of fun...

@ said...

murphy's law eh! neevr mind! you still have the brighter side to look forward to and cheer up! :-D Have fun girl!!!